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Republic Is Unstoppable People’s Movement; Dirty Tricks Won’t Work: Arnab Goswami

In a conversation with BW Businessworld, Arnab Goswami sheds light on some of the initial challenges of his new venture, and the areas that will continue to be of top priority for Republic

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'We Aim To Be The Leading One-stop Savings Destination For Online Shoppers'

CouponRaja & CompareRaja Co-founder Rohit Chugh says the traffic from non-metros cannot be ignored. The current traffic share from non-metros is about 40 per cent and it is on the rise for the last couple of years due to increased usage of mobile devices and 3G internet

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A Recipe For Indian Smart Cities: Combining Technology With Urban Planning And Inclusivity

The digital revolution can bring everyone along if it used in an inclusive manner for example by using data to identify and target a city's most vulnerable population

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