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Our Key Focus Is To Reward Employees' Efforts; Not Just Their Success: InterGlobe Enterprises

InterGlobe has recently been awarded as the Best employer by Aon Hewitt and ranks 17th in the top 25 Best Workplace. Harish K. Gandhi, Group Head HR, InterGlobe Enterprises talks about company's HR policies and employee engagement programs. (Edited Excerpts)

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Higher Employee Engagement Brings Work Satisfaction

More than one-third of workers in 17 of the world’s most important economies are disengaged. Only 13 percent of global workers are highly engaged and highly satisfied with their workplace, while 11 percent of employees are highly dissatisfied with their offices and are also highly disengaged

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No Contract, Please… We Only Discuss

Cultural ramifications of prominent Asian economies can be surprisingly different from their Western counterparts

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The Balancing Act We Hear So Much About

'Strike the balance between work and home life.' We hear these words all too often but what do they actually mean?

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We Are Like This Only!

Whether people are office-centric or create complicated work conditions, there are certain things that work in India, but may be frowned up elsewhere

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Book Review: Life, People And work

In the book, Bock highlights a simplified version of a culture statement into three attributes — Mission, Transparency and Voice, writes Sesha M. Rao

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