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Without This One Mastery, Greatness Will Be An Illusion

An in-depth understanding comes to you, if you go deeper into understanding human beings. We are energy beings, continuously emitting energy in the form of our thoughts, emotions and actions.

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What’s Your God Strategy?

So how do you find God? You don’t have to. He or she is in you, around you, has created you...

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Have A Plan B? Junk It!

We cling on to our escape routes, and our plan B's - because we treasure the safety of retreat to the risks of progress and the challenge of achievement

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Templeton’s Ten Investment Maxims

Hailed as "arguably the greatest global stock-picker of the century" by Money magazine in 1999, Sir John Templeton, founder of the John Templeton Foundation, could teach us a thing or two about creating wealth from equities

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Case Analysis: Intensity Of Technology

Techniques, metrics and best practices exist. What is needed is the organisational will to implement them

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