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India Innovation Growth Programme 2.0 To Provide Funding, Incubation, Business Development Support To Indian Start-ups

The programme that has been running since 2007, much before the Startup India campaign in 2015, with the support of Lockheed Martin Corporation, has supported close to 500 innovators, start-ups, to boost technologically driven minds

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Indo-French Startup Collaboration Touches A New High

At Indo-French conference on ‘Start-up India’ in Mumbai, delegates from India and France reiterated the shared sentiment of promoting start-ups and committed to greater collaboration in this sector

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Modi Government's Policies Impacting Investments In Start-ups

What role 'should' governments play in building up the startup culture? Should these be given special privileges?

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Indians Should Explore Potential Of UK Entrepreneurial Visa: Imperial College London President

The number of Indian students' first-year enrolments at UK universities fell by 10 per cent from 11,270 to 10,125, the figures by the UK's Higher Education Statistics Agency said

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Politics Of Policy | For Passion, Not Profit

Innovation and enterprise in India is being led by the young and the daring. As large organizations struggle to transform, young entrepreneurs will lead the way in being smart and responsible

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Book Review: Failure Analysis

This book is very timely in the current market place of start-ups. It’s imperative to institute efficient processes and robust systems right from the beginning.

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