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Why Pushing The Boundaries Of Innovation Is The Only Medicine To Tackle Rare Diseases

To bring about more innovation, it is critical that government supports the development of rare disease treatments through a conducive policy environment for fostering innovative new treatments, such as gene therapy

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Consumer Needs At The Core Of Expansion Strategy

We at Piramal are very excited for the future about the products that we have lined up for our consumers and we will continue to focus on improving the quality of life through our product offerings

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Towards An Integrated Medical System In The Country

The Government of India has tried to make rural service mandatory for medical students

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BP, Cardiac Drug In Short Supply

Drug makers blame price controls over the short supply of the drug. Mankind Pharmaceuticals stopped manufacturing the drug as soon as the price control was announced. The company says they paid taxes out of their own pocket due to nonviable costing

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PharmEasy Among Most Trusted Brands 2016

The company has been rated as the most admired brand in the healthcare category in the country thanks to its business model that makes healthcare easily available, accessible and affordable for all

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Aggregating The Fragmented Diagnostic Sector In India

The diagnostic test results are a crucial aspect in the treatment decisions. Timely and reliable diagnosis ensures the correct analysis and treatment schedule in addition to reducing the overall treatment costs

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