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Narendra Modi Writes To Celebs Across Fields To Promote 'Clean India'

Introducing the subject of his short letter as something which was very close to Mahatma Gandhi's heart, Modi said, Bapu believed strongly that Swachhata is for each of us to practice

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Do Worry, Be Happy

The emotion that comes and goes like the rainbow is Happiness. That which stays deep in your core like the sun anchoring the universe is Joy

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Narendra Modi Asks People To Create 'New India' By 2022

He saluted all those who participated in the historic movement in 1942 under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and asked people to take inspiration from that

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Mohan To Mahatma: Journey Through Champaran

This is a story of a captive and his captor. The 'capture' put the history of mankind in such a fast forward motion, that, within a half century of the 'capture', Rousseau's concept of a free man was born. No chain, no shackle, no fetter.

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Row Over Modi's Picture On KVIC Calendar, Diary

The PMO said the controversy is 'unnecessary' as 'there is no rule in KVIC that it's diary and calendar should have only Gandhiji's photo'

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The Gandhi The World Does Not Know Much About

An imaginary chronicle of the life of Kasturba Gandhi in a new book presents the leader of India's freedom struggle in new light

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