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Communicating The ‘Art Of Feeling’ In The Digital World

In the digital age with all the visual and other iconic representations at our disposal, our communication though restricted in the physical sense, is actually much more emancipated

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Two-Day Conference On 'Empowering The Deaf Through Indian Sign Language' Begins

Indian Sign Language is a natural language, which can work as any other language if the dictionary is brought into the market

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Gender Politics In Language

Despite of big gender discriminating events happening in one's life, a woman always remembers the day to day instances, words that people choose to use

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India, Hindustan, Bharat

Despite border incursions, acts of terrorism, global alignments, India is presently leading with the highest rate of growth

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Facebook To Break Language Barriers With New Tool Soon

A user test has already started and anyone in the test group can enable the multilingual composer by going to the Language section of their Account Settings

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