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Book An Ola Right From Your Hike App

Hike and Ola partner to bring a seamless, lightweight experience integrated on Hike

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Cool Features In Hike Messenger

India’s first home-grown messaging platform Hike Messenger is simplifying the way people connect and interact with each other on the messaging platforms

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Global Economy: Place Your Bets For The Brexit Rate Hike

To hear some economists talk, the Bank of England is about to make a big mistake - raise interest rates just as the economy heads into what could be a major storm.

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Hike Rolls Out India's First Payment Wallet Within Messaging Platform

E-payments have surged in India since a shock ban of high-value bank notes in November last year. Providers such as Paytm, backed by Alibaba and SoftBank Group, have rapidly increased their share of the market.

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Can Internet Telephony Be Regulated?

Should the voice calls made using mobile-based apps like the WhatsApp, Skype, Hike, among several other applications be regulated? The telecom operators surely want this to happen at the earliest as voice still accounts for around 80 per cent of their revenue

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Make Way For The Bot

What about the whole overload of apps on your smartphone or tablet? That will disappear, because bot-makers say you won’t need them. That there’ll probably be an overload of bots, doesn’t seem to matter —yet

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