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Upgrade Faculty For Better Business Scenario

If the faculty is upgraded, the students will be trained better, this will obviously lead to better manpower. The ultimate beneficiary will be the corporates and the Indian business scenario

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Tech To Help Increase Student To Faculty Ratio

Creating content becomes very costly for asynchronous technologies as classroom sessions are to be recorded

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Education Is For Sale, Not Educators

Paying bribes and getting ranked has become the order of the day for these notorious educational institutions. They are busy in building their brands rather than building infrastructure and imparting quality education to their students

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B-schools: Competence Of Faculty

For years BW Businessworld has tracked B-schools, the key link in the galloping expansion of capitalist enterprise. This year is no exception and we present to you the rankings and findings of the most prominent B-schools of the country in collaboration with survey agency C fore. Here is the list of Competence Of Faculty, Curriculum & Pedagogy, Faculty welfare & Development, and more.

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Being Good Is Not Enough

The goal and rationale of academic accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality as defined by the government and/or an outside accrediting agency.

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Infosys Foundation Provides Grants Worth Rs 56 Crore

The Foundation has provided grants ranging from Rs 2 crore to Rs 33 crore for setting up the chairs with a total commitment of Rs 56 crore. The donated funds will be used for research in areas such as obstetrics & gynecology, agriculture, economics, mathematics, technology, biology, rural development and cancer.

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