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Mixed Reality Is The Oxygen For Educating India's Next Generation

Digital transformation is fast becoming a bigger part of our society and everyday life. This transformation will drive huge advances for society

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Digitalisation: Fig Leaf For Failed Demonetisation

The RBI has reported that it has recovered Rs 29.84 crore fake notes out of the currency it has taken into the banking system

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The Smart Product Economy - Uncertainties And Opportunities

The opportunities unleashed by smart products are seemingly endless for any company seeking game-changing innovation or new levels of efficiency

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The Digital Tsunami: Driverless And Jobless

The twelve million new jobs that will need to be created to absorb the youth of the country will mostly require working with machines and technology. That in turn will change the rules of employability

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Banking Moving Towards Digitalisation

SBI Chairperson Arundhati Bhattacharya believes in digitalisation and that soon customers will need all the products on their smartphones 24/7

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