Latest Articles in Cloud Technology

Microsoft To Invest $5 Bn In IoT Over Next 4 Years Globally

IoT refers to a network of inter-connected sensors and devices like smartphones, connected vehicles and appliances that harness relevant information from massive amounts of data collected.

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Top 10 Trends In Education Sector

Here are some of the top education technology trends that have been on our radar recently!

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"Lay Offs In Big Firms Open Opportunities For MSMEs"

If top 10 IT companies are laying off employees, there is a huge potential in mid-sized and small scale enterprises. The smaller enterprises can also leverage the experience of those who have been laid off from big firms.

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The Cloud Way!

According to a recent Gartner report, the public cloud services' market in India is estimated to grow at 38 per cent in 2017 to $1.81 billion

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Infosys To Offer Healthcare Analytics On Microsoft Cloud Technology

Integrating technology and data science to develop analytics solutions for contextualised decision support to healthcare providers

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