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Facebook Committed To Ensure Integrity Of Elections In India, Other Countries: Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg, who is also the CEO of Facebook, said data privacy and foreign interference in elections were topics that they have discussed at the Facebook board meeting

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Data Leak: Facebook Says 5.62 Lakh People Potentially Affected In India

A Facebook spokesperson said that while 335 people in India were directly affected through an app installation, another 562,120 people were potentially affected as friends of those users

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Cambridge Analytica Asks For More Time On Govt's Data Breach Notice

Cambridge Analytica, the firm at the centre of Facebook users' data breach scandal, has sought one more week to respond to government's notice on whether it was involved in misuse of data to profile Indians and influence their voting behaviour.

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How Public Is Your Private Data On Facebook

After realizing what was going on Facebook, government came into action and banned Cambridge Analytica, but it was too late. Facebook users have paid the price of using its services for free

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UK Regulators Search Cambridge Analytica Offices

The High Court granted the raid request less than an hour earlier, as Denham investigates claims that Cambridge Analytica may have illegally harvested Facebook data for political ends

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