Article on October 03, 2017

Different Ways In Which AI Will Revolutionise Financial Services Sector

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), one of the newer AI technologies, is enabling banks develop more efficient workflow systems

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India To Top Global Remittances Chart With $66 Billion In 2017: WB

After India the other top five remittances receiving countries are China ($61 billion), the Philippines ($33 billion), Mexico ($31 billion), and Nigeria ($22 billion)

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Petrol, Diesel To Cost Less; Excise Duty Cut By Rs 2 Per Litre

Petrol currently costs Rs 70.88 per litre in Delhi while a litre of diesel is priced at an all-time high of Rs 59.14

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Punjab Seeks Rs 2,000 Cr From Centre To Stop Paddy Straw Burning

As the central government fixes the minimum support price of paddy, it is its responsibility to address the issue of paddy straw

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