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Snapdeal founders write email to employees, justify firing as “part of growth”

So what do you do when losses pile up and investors decide to pull back? Snapdeal founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal write an emotional mail to employees on a day when they reportedly are firing over 800 employees. Read a copy of the letter here.

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The Crude Plan

In conversation with BW Businessworld, Aiyar shares his candid views on the impact of mega-merger of the public sector oil companies on petroleum sector in current economic scenario and why the idea did not materialise 12 years back

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We Are Like This Only!

Whether people are office-centric or create complicated work conditions, there are certain things that work in India, but may be frowned up elsewhere

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Biases Of Human Mind

Good business transactions are often a product of tackling implicit cognitive biases rather than sound analytical rigor

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