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A Vision Of India's Future

Together we can reshape our country. Let us strive together towards the heaven of freedom: a country in which every citizen has all three freedoms: political, social, and economic freedom

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Demonetisation: Revolutionary Step Or Historic Blunder?

The Modi government should focus on getting a genuine economic recovery and job creation. More such ill thought through, badly implemented and moralistic policy prescriptions will get us back to the Hindu growth rate of 3-4 per cent of the 1970's and 1980's. Now that would be ironic for a BJP government

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What It Will Take to Make Responsible Business In India

Businesses and governments must realize that the costs of human rights violations- financial, legal and reputational - can outweigh the investments that they seek, and severely impact businesses and their relationship with investors

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Is India Sliding Into A Banking Crisis?

India must remember that the 1997 Asian financial crisis was exacerbated by tight monetary policy, forced on by IMF conditionality

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