Sandeep Das

The author, Sandeep Das, is an MBA from IIM Bangalore, a management consultant, the author of “Yours Sarcastically” and a columnist.

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No Contract, Please… We Only Discuss

Cultural ramifications of prominent Asian economies can be surprisingly different from their Western counterparts

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Less Is More

The latest fad that is taking over high end corporates is the philosophy of professional minimalism!

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We Are Like This Only!

Whether people are office-centric or create complicated work conditions, there are certain things that work in India, but may be frowned up elsewhere

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The Great Bhojpuri Shopping Festival

The fascinating, turbulent world of e-commerce told through the satirical eyes of Bhojpuri cinema can be quite interesting

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Love For The Dickhead

Despite consistent criticism, we rarely end up reducing our love and admiration for the 'dickhead' leader in office

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Biases Of Human Mind

Good business transactions are often a product of tackling implicit cognitive biases rather than sound analytical rigor

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Love Of The Prison

Results from a prison experiment show how people go to terrible lengths to obey authority even when scenarios look suspicious or unscrupulous

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Lure Of The Creative Arts

It can be surprising to see hard-nosed, money obsessed, promotion focused IIM graduates trying to delve in the innovative world of creative arts

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Good Leaders Are Chemically Different!

Viewing leadership through an unconventional chemical lens rather than the traditional lenses can be quite interesting, writes Sandeep Das

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