Rachna Chhachhi

Rachna Chhachhi is a certified nutritional therapist and WHO certified in nutrition. She is the writer of Restore, a book on how to fight diseases for working professionals.

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Connect With Family Over A Glass Of Wine

Drinking alcohol in our country has been a taboo. But a sundowner with your family is surely a healthy sign of drinking, especially when the sundowner is wine

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Being Healthy: Are You Postponing Your Life?

There’s no point in understanding that you need to change your lifestyle, and then waiting till disease has struck, when things can be fixed before the ambulance sirens sound

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10 Steps To Keep Your Lid On This Winter

Keep your chest warm. Always. This ensures a warm pumping of blood in your heart and lesser constricting

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You’re A Good Parent, Yes?

Being a good professional has its drawbacks. The more you rise, the greater your responsibilities. At the same time, your kids are growing up and your parents are growing old, so your all-round stress increases

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Glazing And Its Benefits

The stress around us, the multiple channels inside our brains jumping from work to kids to back ache to money to spouse to food to employees to presentations, all contribute to a mental exhaustion that we don’t recognize

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The Problem With Vegan Diet

Continue to stay off milk and milk products. Milk is inflammatory and has been linked to certain types of cancers

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Don’t Let Cancer Scare You

Milk has been linked to cancer in various studies. And yet most Indians guzzle down milk indiscriminately. Watch your intake. Over the age of 18, you need some yoghurt a few times a week, no milk

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How To Stop Your Brain From Ageing

Research has shown time and again that people who are moderate exercisers (not the marathon kinds), have a social circle of family and friends, holiday often, are likely to age better, live longer and keep their brains sharp for a long long time, warding off dementia and Alzheimer’s

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Being Healthy: The Therapeutic Lifestyle

A really long walk with music playing is the best therapy. If the weather doesn’t allow you, do it in your building/home. Time it. One hour

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Wishing Away Pain

If you have pain, your body is telling you two things: your pain is due to inflammation and fatigue. If you exert, it will increase pain. So just rest it out

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