Munnish Puri

Munnish Puri is the Managing Director of Indian Financial Advisors & Indian Film Advisors. He has produced a number of feature films and is keenly interested in spreading spiritual awareness

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Dangal: The Raging Box-Office Collections Through High-impact Content

Over its third weekend, Dangal is expected to become the highest box office collection film in the history of Indian cinema, surpassing Raju Hirani’s PK, which collected Rs 338 crore

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'Dangal': An Inspirational True Story

Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has the potential to be the highest box office collection film in the history of Indian cinema

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Taking Indian Cinema To Global Film Festivals

Promotion is key for a film to reach global audiences. The I&B Ministry has selected top international film festivals to market Indian movies

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The 'Power' Of 'Emotionally' Connecting

First twelve days domestic net box office collection for ADHM is at almost Rs 100 crore and for SHIVAAY it is slightly over Rs 80 crore

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BW Box Office: Content Matters

Going forward, to make content commercially viable, there needs to be a focus on realigning the interests of writers, actors, and key technicians

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India’s Feature Films Business Is Being Redefined

Over the first four days of domestic release, Rustom collected Rs 68.23 crore and Mohenjo Daro Rs 40.90 crore

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Natural Disasters Are Man-made, Says The Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama speaks on the importance of compassion, education and ethics to create a more peaceful society

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