Minhaz Merchant

Minhaz Merchant is the biographer of Rajiv Gandhi and Aditya Birla and author of The New Clash of Civilizations (Rupa, 2014). He is founder of Sterling Newspapers Pvt. Ltd. which was acquired by the Indian Express group

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Decoding Team Trump

How good, Bad or neutral will a Trump presidency be for India? New Delhi’s main fear revolves around Trump’s intent to cut H-IB visas

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Cash-heavy To Cash-light

If Finance Minister Arun Jaitley delivers another lacklustre Budget, the enormous political and economic risk Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to wrench India from a cash-heavy to a cash-light economy will be put in jeopardy

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Demonetisation: Gain After Pain?

By January 31, new notes valued at around Rs 11.50 lakh crore are likely to be in circulation. Cash shortages and bank queues would have begun to ease well before that

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Empire Of Babus

Much of the usurious corruption has sprung from the ministry of defence and the ministry of finance. The former controls large defence purchase budget

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E-commerce Firms Bleed In Price War

Bigger e-commerce marketplaces like Flipkart and Snapdeal are bleeding far more. In 2015-16, Flipkart recorded a loss or Rs 2,306 crore

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After Demonetisation, Big Bang Budget

Post-demonetisation, the government must focus its resources (manpower and technology) on higher tax slabs to optimise results and make the tax-collection machinery more cost-efficient

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India’s Trump Card

Overall, a Trump presidency will be better for India than a Clinton presidency. She would have followed Obama’s policy of preaching religious tolerance to India and mollycoddling Pakistan over its two-faced approach to “good” and “bad” terrorists

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Modi At Mid-point

The Government’s recent outreach to the muslim community in Haryana and elsewhere underscores the priority that Modi attaches to communal harmony

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Britain’s Economic Left Turn

The most worrying aspect of Theresa May’s philosophy is the combination of a hard Left turn on the economy and a hard Right turn on social issues. In a liberal society, it should be the exact opposite: Right economically, Left socially

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Getting Tough With China

Beijing respects strength. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must recalibrate his strategy towards China as he has done with Pakistan

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