Aniruddha Bose

As an Editorial Consultant for BW Businessworld, Aniruddha writes independently on investor awareness, correct financial planning & investing practices and the impact of regulatory developments on the personal finance ecosystem. He holds an MBA with distinction from Oxford.

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Need To Save Taxes? Here Are 3 Great ELSS Funds To Consider

In case you're in a dilemma over which ELSS to pick to fill out your remaining 80C quota, look no further than these fantastic funds

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Five Ways Union Budget 2017 May Impact Your Personal Finances

Investors are now keenly awaiting the Union Budget 2017, unseasonably scheduled this year on February 1, to get more clarity on the road ahead with respect to their personal finances

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Coming Up: CPSE ETF FFO. Should You Invest?

Should you join the storming herd of CPSE ETF applicants, or sit quietly on the side-lines? Let's evaluate this decision in light of the scheme's salient features, as well as other available options

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A Useful Risk Profiling ‘Shortcut’

Ignoring the process of risk profiling can further worsen the effects of the optimism bias as well as its distant cousin – the loss aversion bias

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Short Term Capital Gains Tax On Equity Mutual Funds Until 3 Years… So What?

All those balking at the prospective changes to the Long-Term Capital Gains (LTCG) norms on Equity Mutual Funds need to ask themselves just why they're so concerned

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Review: Edelweiss Tokio Life TotalSecure+

TotalSecure+ is a pure term insurance plan with no maturity benefits - in effect, the best kind of insurance plan

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Mutual Fund Myth-busting: Are GILT Funds Risk Free?

GILT funds are best used intermittently for shorter time frames, to boost returns from a debt fund portfolio that's otherwise predominantly low risk and accrual based

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Traditional Life Insurance Terminologies… Simplified

If the plethora of complex -sounding terminologies related to your traditional Life Insurance policy are leaving you flummoxed, you're not alone. Even many seasoned insurance buyers haven't been able to fully wrap their heads around many of the nuances of their policies! For your benefit, here are a few of the most relevant features of your traditional (or "non-linked") Life Insurance plan, minus the jargon.

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Break These "Money Habits" In 2017

Are your investments scattered all over the place? Do you tend to invest small amounts in a plethora of different schemes? Do you have no clue about the annualized rate at which your money is growing at, or how much your cumulative sum assured is, across your life insurance policies? Do you have stacks of investment documents and statements flying all over the place? If you answered yes to any of these, chances are that you're "the disorganized one"

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What Should Debt Fund Investors Do Now?

Stay invested in long-term debt funds till the 10-year yield hits 6 per cent, and then switch to funds with a modified duration of 2 to 2.5 years thereafter

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