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Two-Day Conference On 'Empowering The Deaf Through Indian Sign Language' Begins

Indian Sign Language is a natural language, which can work as any other language if the dictionary is brought into the market

Thawar Chand Gehlot, the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, inaugurated the National Conference on 'Empowering the deaf through Indian Sign Language' in the capital on Monday.

Delivering the inaugural address, Gehlot said that the deaf people mostly depend on the interpreter during their conversation and due to lack of sufficient number of interpreters; it becomes difficult for them to communicate. The minister added that Comprehensive Indian Sign Language Dictionary is the need to ease their communication as through the dictionary more people will know about the language.

Indian Sign Language is a natural language, which can work as any other language if the Dictionary is brought into the market. Parents should be aware so that the grooming of a deaf child can be comfortably done from a very young age. He hoped that this two day long national conference will be successful in elevating Indian Sign Language to the position it deserves in the society. Tahawar also discussed the need of Indian Sign Language as medium of instruction for the education of deaf learners at primary, secondary and higher classes.

Gehlot applauded the efforts of Indian Sign Language Research and Training Center (ISLRTC) and wished grand success to the team. The main purpose of the ISLRTC are to develop manpower for using, teaching and conducting research in the Indian Sign Language(ISL), to promote the use of ISL as an educational mode.

The objective of the conference is to provide a common platform to the professionals involved in the field of deaf education, Indian Sign Language, Sign Linguistics, Interpreter Education and various other related topics.

The conference is conducted in three languages i.e. Hindi, English and Indian Sign Language, to give complete inclusion.

Eminent speakers on the field of Deaf Sign Language from India and Abroad have been invited for the conference. Participants include teachers in special schools, inclusive schools, educators, administrators, sign language interpreters.

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