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Travel For Staff Happiness

'The very thought of travel brings joy and happiness to people and more so in the present context when we all live very stressed lifestyles'

A recently published report by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, an initiative of the United Nations, ranked India 118th globally in happiness. The report judged countries on the basis of per capita GDP, life expectancy, and freedom to make life choices as indicators.

Travel is one thing that offers people happiness and experience. On the International Day of Happiness, here are some places corporates can consider for staff travel to give them pleasant experiences.

Oslo in Norway is one of the quietest places one can visit and undoubtedly also the closest to nature. Apart from natural beauty, the city has incredible assets in the form of culture and numerous music festivals and Sculpture Park.

Sharing his thoughts on how travel brings happiness, Karan Anand, head of relationships, Cox & Kings, said: "The very thought of travel brings joy and happiness to people and more so in the present context when we all live very stressed lifestyles. Within India people travel to Kerala, Rishikesh and Ananda for rejuvenation. They spend between seven to 14 days in the resort and spa and re-emerge refreshed. The travel bug has bitten a lot of people and they travel to exotic destinations such as Oman, Israel, Zambia and Seychelles to bring in their birthdays, wedding anniversaries or any other special days."

He added, "Travel lifts one's mood and this makes people happy. The more people spend time outdoors with their family and friends they will experience the joy of happiness."

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is one of the most popular attractions in the Andaman Islands. Corporates should have this destination on their travel list. Far away from chaos and conferences, one can find inner happiness on the uncrowded beach. This beach was ranked number eight on the world list of best beaches by travel website Tripadvisor. Long stretches of white sand merging with the blue water and the yellow sky definitely makes it picture perfect.

These places are far from the busy cities. Another destination is the holy place of Rishikesh. This can be easily accessed by those in the Delhi NCR region. The main feature of Rishikesh is that you can visit it over the weekend.

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