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The Street Of Food Opens For Foodies

A holy month of the intense prayer 'Ramadan' started today around the world. The Muslims in the entire world are ready to fast all through the day. They eat only after sundown and before sun rise by offering namaz prayers. However, for certain people it is a month of feast. The variety of food which has been cooked during the entire month is completely a finger licking food festival.

It gives everyone an opportunity to taste the food with Islamic touch and flavours. Wondering what all are the dishes and where these will be served/cooked? Let's walk into Jama Masjid's (Old Delhi) Matia Mahal, you will get your destination with the end number of shops brightly lit up and filled with the food. Let me make a list of the awesome food of Ramadhan's month.

The fast is broken by consuming suhoor/iftar meals dates, following by the fresh fruit chaat, papad, mutton korma, fried chicken, tandoori rotis, different types of tikkas, fried meat balls, mix pakodas, shahi tukda, sheer maal, butter bun, khajla sweet, sweet noodles and many other delicious taste of the world.

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