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Planning A Road Trip This Winter: Five Things You Should Carry In Your Car

If you are planning to go for an adventurous road trip or a happening vacation, this winter, then you should read this. The list below will help you in adverse situations

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Travelling during winters is definitely going to be an adventurous trip, and India has a whole lot of places which offers a truly memorable experience of the season. However, if you are planning for a place where there are chances of encountering with snow and ice, then you have to prepare yourself to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

To start with, if you are not aware of driving on winter roads, then it is always better to first get an overview of how to drive in such situations. Apart from this, you should carry the below five things in your car while planning a road trip this winter.

1. Prepare Your Car

Driving in cold weather conditions is completely different from handling a car in normal or summer seasons. Apart from checking the fluid levels of the car, ensure the tyres are in workable condition. If you are going to a place, witnessing snowfalls, then replace your ordinary car tyres with winter tyres.

2. Carry All Winter Essentials And Other First Aid

It is obvious to carry first aid and the basic essentials, like torch, Navigation system, etc, with you, whenever and wherever you are travelling. However, for winter road trips do carry extra woolens, and blankets.

3. Keep Snow Removal Equipment And Tools Handy

If snow remains on road, your road trip might come to a halt. To avoid such disappointing situations, keep snow removal tools handy. Instead of using bare hands, it is better to quickly clear the snow yourself without either getting hurt or delaying the trip. 

4. Go For Dried Foods

Avoid keeping liquids or watery foods in the car as they might explode if kept below freezing point for a longer period of time. Rather go for dried foods, energy bars, among others.

5. Phone Charger

Have spare chargers and power banks ready in your bags. However, bad network issues are most likely to arise in extreme weather conditions.

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