Garima Gulati Bhutani

Vice President, Human Resources at Client Associates

My favourite HR-tale

There are a lot of secrets that HR has to keep since it is supposedly close to both management and employees. The role is tricky as you have to maintain a balance between both sides of the world…they are literally two worlds as the way in which they think, plan, execute is very very different. My professional journey has been different so are my learning.


I grew up to become a HR person from an engineer’s route which is a little twisted so I have had my share of weird experiences. My favorite ones have always been from interviewing times more specifically from behavioral assessments and analysis. I as a typical techie have the habit of proving the systems wrong i.e finding bugs and going on to develop a new methodology. In my first HR role, a key expectation from me was to assess candidates psychologically to match their personality with what job demands. Now these tests are designed in a standard way so assuming one size will fit all is wrong so you have to make customization not in product but in fitment. This might sound strange as HR is expected to just go by what release notes say ;) Its ironical that I am using release notes exactly the opposite way. 

So it started with a senior manager candidate, whose profile was skewed and an interviewer had rejected owing to her unclear personality type. I took it as a challenge to fit her as her credentials were very impressive, she felt like a fighter at heart. I spent about 15/20 minutes studying her profile, her psychological assessment results and job role for which she was been interviewed…then began the 90 mins long ordeal into her professional journey via a face to face interaction. I quite liked her and found her personality well fit for another open position for which she was not been considered by any other interviewer. It seems they have been strictly following some requirement specification document. I summed up my notes and reached out to the engineering head who used to appreciate my unorthodox thinking; we discussed about the candidate for about 30 mins after which we agreed to assess her for this different role. The interviewer was quite impressed by her alignment with role expectations and gave her 100 on 100. This lead to a change in how behavioral assessment can be used to not filter out but best use a person’s traits for business prosperity. A lot of such cases happened after hers and we were able to create an awesome engineering team.

I felt so content whenever I used to hear cheers for her and others whom I fitted after cajoling the entire management. This is a private victory tale close to my heart and held in pride with management secretively.

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