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Mosaic Experience Center Helps Meet Futuristic Customer Demands

Larsen and Toubro’s MEC concentrates on developing technologies that can analyze consumer data and define futuristic customer demands. Sanjay Jalona, MD&CEO. LTI explains the functions of the newly opened laboratory.

The Larsen and Toubro MOSAIC Experience Center focuses on understanding the mindset of consumers and their reaction to different goods and services the society has to offer. 

The MOSAIC Experience Centre (MEC) is a platform that is mainly built to demonstrate the capabilities of new-age exponential technologies namely IoT, analytics, AI, automation and user experience. The center serves as a platform where experiments and development of new applications are undertaken across multiple stages i.e. proof of concept, pilot and deployment stages. 

Talking about the capabilities of the technologies and research conducted at the MEC, Sanjay Jalona, MD&CEO. LTI shares his views.

“Just imagine the amount of experience and knowledge we gather out of digitizing this business. Putting sensors on equipment that send out the data and analytics to take decisions accordingly. This is the amount of experience and knowledge we are leveraging to offer our clients globally. The Mosaic lab is a huge plus we want to take ahead to the market.” Says Sanjay.

The lab also acts as an experience center for its clients. It works on sectors like analyzing the capabilities of technology and acts as one of the stages in closing the sales cycle. The MEC is also heavily working on customer demand and claim their technologies to be helpful to clients in their decision-making process. 

Analytics, IoT, AI, automation and analytics are the other fields where the MEC has been working on. The futuristic mind mapping simulation model on display demonstrates the futuristic capability of even reading the minds of consumers. 

The purpose that drove L&T to start the lab in December, 2016 was to act as an experience center for its clients and stakeholders.

Sanjay further talks about the purpose of having a Mosaic Experience Center and how it helps their clients. 

“As mentioned earlier, since we foresee customer demand and requirement rapidly shifting towards the exponential technologies, we believed we would rather demonstrate the capabilities of these technologies to clients so as to assist them in their decision-making process.”

The MEC states that it wants to continue and grow out of Mumbai and reach out to U.S.A. to open more labs and experience centers. The centers would go beyond experimenting and creating new applications in these areas and see them through the proof of concept, pilot and deployment stages.

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