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Mindlogicx Singapore Debuts World's First Intelligent Device-

based Ecosystem With Just-in-Time Device-based Solution

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Mindlogicx Singapore Debuts World's First Intelligent Device- based Ecosystem With Just-in-Time Device-based Solution

BANGALORE, December 7, 2017/PRNewswire/ -- Cloud-based, WiFi and biometric access-enabled IntelliPAD® launches new era for test-taking

Mindlogicx Singapore Pte Ltd ("Mindlogicx") has launched the world's first intelligent device-based ecosystem just-in- time device-based solution at the Ritz Carlton Singapore, a foolproof and tamper-proof e-ink device that will enable exam administrators to conduct high-stakes tests using biometric and encryption technologies.

Dubbed IntelliPAD®, the device's release comes amid a global rise in exam malpractice; such as question paper leakage, candidate impersonation and other illegal means of obtaining question papers for personal use or resale. The mounting pressure on examination boards has led to calls for tighter surveillance and security on exam production and delivery.

IntelliPAD® will address the above issues by delivering individual question papers to the right candidate at a set time, using candidates' biometric authentication. The six-inch e-ink device securely obtains the question paper and other relevant data from a family of interconnected devices linked to KenCLOUD, a private cloud-based service offered by Mindlogicx. The whole process is done with minimal human intervention.

IntelliPAD® works with the KenCLOUD-powered connected devices, such as IntelliSYS and IntelliSENSE, by securely mapping data. It prevents impersonation and exam centre hijacking by establishing a geofencing zone, as well as marking attendance automatically and auto-destructing the question paper once the exam is complete.

The user-friendly ecosystem also encourages users to go green by completely eliminating the need to print question papers. Each device will create and operate its own private network and communicate with other linked devices to deliver question papers, and does not require an internet connection to do so. This enables exams to be conducted in urban and rural exam centres alike. The devices also have built-in security features that prevent tampering of any kind.

The IntelliEXAMS® software, which is integrated with the IntelliPAD® ecosystem, offers functions that span the entire assessment cycle; from candidate registration, fee management and ticket generation to the digitisation of handwritten answer scripts, on-screen evaluation and result processing. It has serviced more than 3.6 million students to date, with over 28.68 million question papers delivered.

Mr. Suresh Elangovan, CEO of Mindlogicx, said, "Top universities and professional certification providers have seen an epidemic of exam fraud in recent years. We are pleased to have pioneered the world's first device-centric solution to this phenomenon, and believe that this heralds a new era in education and test-taking."

Mindlogicx is setting up a global technology delivery centre, called MNOC, in Singapore this month. The office will employ about 60 staff, of which about 50 are local, and will serve as a global delivery and R&D centre.

"Singapore is not only highly regarded as a financial and technological hub, but also represents a gateway to the fast- growing Southeast Asian market, which will serve as the ideal launchpad for our global rollout," Mr. Elangovan added.

About Mindlogicx

Mindlogicx ( is a global knowledge engineering and technology delivery company. The company offers best-of-its-class technology products and solutions for knowledge management, skills enhancement, e- commerce framework through an intelligent social connect platform encompassing all the stakeholders - tightly integrated and interwoven as the single largest technology platform known as VEDAS. Under this platform, the company offers the following solution verticals:

Examination Management System (EMS) for hassle free high- stake examination automation

Knowledge Management System (KMS) for promoting graduates as 'knowledge workers' and enable them to become 'Job Ready'

Certificate Authentication System (iCAS) ensures that the certificates issued by the board/education institutions are authenticated globally

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