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Fasting In Navratri? Quick Recipe For Office Lunch

It’s festive time! Navratri is here and it’s time for fasting and pure vegan food. But as a working professional we struggle day to day about what to eat and what not to. Also, the main problem is what variety we can have with the ease to make it. You get many recipes for fasting, but we have the following Navratri dishes' recipes for you.

Here is a list of 5 easy Navratri dishes recipe for you which will savour your taste buds with very less time for you to spend in the kitchen:

1. Sabudana Kheer: Everyone of you must have heard about sabudana khichdi, but it’s time to taste and try sabudana kheer. One of the sweet dish in any fastings which has a great taste with lots of carbs to give you instant energy. It has many variations, let’s have a look at one of them. Enjoy!

2. Aloo Chaat: What’s more yummy than having spices and lime mixed with boiled potatoes. Aloo chaat is one of the easiest dishes to make if you are in hurry for office. The boiled potatoes are high in fiber and nutrients with rich in vitamins and minerals which are good for you when you are fasting or just want to change the taste.

Here is a quick link for the recipe: Aloo Chaat Recipe
Do try Aloo chaat variation by tossing in a few peanuts, this will make your chaat crunchier.

3. Raita: Yogurt is something which has many benefits. So why not try yogurt raita with multiple variations.
Try Palak(spinach) raita OR

Fruit raita. 

4. Singhara:
Singhara or pani-phal(water caltrop or water chestnut) is a nut. It has a lot of nutritious value as it contains a lot of vitamin and minerals. You can get singhare ka atta(flour) and have many variations of it.

One of the easiest is singhara chilla, which is equally delicious in taste. Do have a look at the recipe link.
Do also check the following video for a sweet dish made by singhare ka atta i.e. Singhare ka Halwa:

5. Shakarkandi or Sweet Potato: The last one in our list is the sweet potato. It is considered as one of the most healthy food as contains a good amount of fiber, vitamins A, B and C with iron, potassium, antioxidants and much more. You can have many variations with sweet potatoes, but the best way is to eat it steamed or boiled with a little sugar.

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