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Declutter Your Brain And Be More Productive

Clutter is unneccessary stimuli to our brain and causes our brain to work over time with no productive outcome

At times you will find that when you sit infront of your computer, you are too overwhelmed to focus on the task at hand. The information overload that you are suffering from can be paralysing and lead to an over all dip in how productive you are.

The little alert that appears on the right side of your screen when you are working on a presentation, or the ping of a message from your friend will always pose to be an agent of clutter when you are trying to be productive.

The Outcome of Brain Clutter

When you aren't able to focus on the task at hand your brain gets zapped.

Clutter is unneccessary stimuli to our brain and causes our brain to work over time with no productive outcome.

Utilize Braindump to declutter your brain
Allot ten minutes a day, stop everything that you are doing, put pen to paper and jot down everything that is on your mind.

This is called a brain dump. Decluttering your brain starts with a braindump. It can last as quick as ten minutes.

It can relieve you of all the confusion that you are feeling and enable you to move from a state of mental paralysis to action.

When you do this effectively you let go of all the unneccessary information and what stares back at you from the "dump" is the map of what is important. Once the thoughts are no longer crowding your mind, you can sift through the sea of information before you and pick only the relevant ones and take action on them.

By doing an effective braindump, you release all of the information your brain tries to store and allows you to decide what is important.

Brain Dump 10 minutes a night
Do this exercise diligently every night. It will help you free up your mind and allow you to focus on your near and dear ones and possibly sleep with a lighter mind too.

Sometimes you may face a block, but still set a timer and regurgitate what ever comes to mind. It will help you unburden and be more productive in subliminal ways.

Even if you feel you have nothing to write, still write what ever gibberish comes to mind. Julia Cameron author of "TheArtists Way" promotes something simliar called the "morning pages".

Whatever time you choose to do a braindump, it assists in the creative process and helps you be more productive.

Do not edit
As you write do not worry about grammar or spelling. This is just an exercise to transfer information which you will sort later.

Classify Your Braindump
The goal is to get everything down on paper and then identify themes.
"    Are there tasks on the paper?
"    Are there new ideas emerging?
"    Which items are home related? Hobby related?
Once the categories emerge you can populate them with the items on your braindump and see which areas need what, and how much focus.
This in turn increases productivity drastically.

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