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Candyskin's Portal Brings Fun Back to Online Lingerie Shopping

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Candyskin's Portal Brings Fun Back to Online Lingerie Shopping

MUMBAI, November 8, 2017/PRNewswire/ -- Candyskin, an e-commerce portal, was launched in January 2017 and the brand is slowly growing towards success. It has essentially brought that fun in-store lingerie shopping experience online and now offline at 45 shop-in-shops, where women have the freedom of choice and expression. "Our brand stands for luxury and comfort at its finest. There is no reason why women in India can't have access to great lingerie at home because not everybody goes abroad. We bring the luxury right to their doorstep," said Richa Kalra, Founder, Candyskin. Candyskin describes itself as a high-street fashion brand and holds itself to the highest standards, as they worked with an international team of designers to create their line. Keeping these Indian sentiments in mind, Candyskin was born.

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Candyskin was started by the two sisters, Riya and Richa Kalra who were inspired to start their own lingerie brand after countless attempts for shopping for lingerie at the local stores in India, only to be disappointed with ill-fitting bras and feeling awkward while purchasing bras from the men who ran the shops. "The atmosphere of the shops made it too embarrassing for us to ask valid questions regarding strap fitness or cup-size," says Riya, with regards to her earlier experiences in shopping for lingerie. Riya and Richa soon realized that this is an issue that probably exists for all girls and women in India. Not only is the complete experience of shopping for a perfect bra lacking, but the options were slim to none. Offering customers a variety of trends and styles for their lingerie was merely an afterthought for these local stores.

Candyskin even allows their customers to schedule an appointment online for a fitting room session with an expert, in case of any doubts in size. They have also placed a well trained 'Fit consultant' at most of the offline points of sales. Candyskin aims to empower the female consumer by creating designs and providing colours that are exciting. In addition, Candyskin offers a wide range of sizes and styles for women with all body types.

Lingerie brands in the western countries have successfully made shopping for lingerie a valuable experience for women. A female professional would measure your size with a proper measuring tape, consult and advice you on what bras have worked for you in the past and what haven't, understand and cater to your needs, as every woman's needs are unique. Some women focus on getting the best support for their body shape, while some just really want exciting styles and prints; others may be looking for something to complement their active lifestyle, while some could want to impress their partner in the bedroom. Whatever the reason may be, shopping for lingerie in countries other than India is fun, interactive, and empowering.

It is no surprise that there is a huge gap between the significance and progress of women's innerwear market in India and abroad. Although India's population is three times that of the U.S., the Indian market is still valued at $3-4 billion, whereas in the U.S. it is estimated to be around $10 billion. There is huge potential in India to grow this market, as women seek more modernized choices, they are individualistic and have more disposable income, and also indulged in shopping online.

From a business perspective, the global lingerie market sets a precedent and standard for how things should be shaping up in India. International brands market their products to their customers through women who are confident in their own skin. The women act as the ambassadors for these brands and give the lingerie some character while bringing it to life. More importantly, the stores are always designed to keep women intrigued and comfortable while their bold store fronts invite customers all day, all this is completely different than most of the stores in India. While there are a few stores at the major malls, they don't necessarily cater to majority of the women's needs. Furthermore, these stores abroad offer new styles and promotions that ensure the customer-base is always going to return each season to update their lingerie drawers. In essence, the lingerie story was always evolving, so why couldn't brands in India offer the same kind of luxury and experience? India is slowly becoming increasingly diverse in the lingerie scenario; however, it's true that women still aren't completely comfortable going to a store. The service and expertise is still lacking in many ways.

In the near future, Candyskin is also all-ready to incorporate sports and active wear for the women that love to keep fit.

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