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Black pepper slips on subdued demand

Mumbai, Nov 14 (PTI) Black pepper rd slipped at the spices market here today on subdued demand from stockists and retailers.

Copra rajapur mumbai also dropped owing to lower demand from stockists and retailers.

While, copra office alappuzha and copra office kozhikode recovered due to fresh demand from stockists and retailers amidst good export offtake.

Black pepper rd moved down by Rs 5/5 per kg to Rs 410/490 from Monday's close at Rs 415/495.

Copra rajapur mumbai also fell by Rs 200 per quintal to Rs 17,100 as against Rs 17,300 yesterday.

However, copra office alappuzha and copra office kozhikode regained by Rs 100 per kg each to Rs 13,100 and Rs 12,900 as compared to Rs 13,000 and Rs 12,800 yesterday.

Following are today's closing rates (in Rs with previous rates in brackets):

Black pepper (per kg) 410/490 (415/495), ginger unbleached (per kg) 130 (130), copra office Alappuzha (per quintal) 13,100 (13,000), copra office Kozhikode (per quintal) 12,900 (12,800), copra Rajapur Mumbai (per quintal) 17,100 (17,300), copra edible Mumbai (per quintal) 14,800 (14,800). PTI BPD SBT

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