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Baidyanath Plans To Generate Over Rs 600 Cr Revenue This Year

In an interaction with BW Businessworld, Anurag Sharma, Owner, Baidyanath 'Herbal' India, shared his company's future plans including new products launch, global expansion & revenue targets etc

Anurag Sharma is a well-known management professional and a business leader in the field of Ayurveda. Born on November 16, 1964, in the reputed and respected family of his famous grandfather the Late Vaidyaraj Pt. Ram Narayan Sharma, founder of Baidyanath.

Anurag Sharma completed his graduation in 1986. Held his first job at Shakti Press Nagpur and was later appointed C.E.O. of Baidyanath. Since then Baidyanath has grown tremendously and it is now a well-recognized brand name not just in India, but also abroad.

Sharma has set up many other businesses in a variety of sectors such as packaging, transport, real estate and financial services. He is considered to be an expert on distribution and marketing in India. He is also well credited with helping Baidyanath register with the U.S. FDA. The first product from Ayurved (India) to get a US FDA Registration and a U.S. Patent on Coronary Heart Disease was ‘Cardiwin’ and this victory is credited to him.

While talking about the women’s role in Ayurveda industry, Anurag Sharma, Owner, Baidyanath ‘Herbal’ India said, “I am quite sure that Ayurveda survives because of the women in India, because they are the one who knows how to conserve small things of our heritage and they are the medium of passing the ancestral knowledge to our children of today. Today India has over 100 Ayurveda colleges, several India youth are practising herbal medicine which makes me proud. The faith of the east and the huge knowledge base that originated in India is of immense importance in people’s life.”

“Ayurveda has become a stock house of knowledge that we at Baidyanath package and provide it in a way which can be consumed in everyday life. Very soon, we are planning to launch mega-store chains outside Delhi, so the alternative science is more accessible to each one of us. We are also launching a whole new range of functional foods, juices & indigenous collection called ‘Anant’, for which we are working with stems services,” he added.

Last year, Baidyanath generated a revenue of over Rs 500 crore and planning for more than Rs 600 crore this year.

Commenting about the global opportunities, Anurag added, “We are going to enter the European market and US market as their government allowed for the very first time for some Ayurveda companies to come in.”

For the last 15 years, Anurag Sharma has been actively engaged in social work and philanthropy through the various Hindu trusts managed by him. He is also the ‘President of The Bundelkhand Integration Council’. He is a well-travelled man and is a highly recognised and distinguished speaker on ‘Ayurveda’.

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