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Aeronutrix Hits the Sweet-spot for Tapping Into the Burgeoning

Active-living OTC Nutrition Market

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Aeronutrix Hits the Sweet-spot for Tapping Into the Burgeoning Active-living OTC Nutrition Market

MUMBAI, November 6, 2017/PRNewswire/ -- The FSSAI-approved, gluten-free and diabetic friendly - 'Fast&Up', is rapidly emerging as the Brand of Choice in this fast growing, high-margin business.

Mumbai-based Aeronutrix Sports Products Private Limited, is precipitating a momentous change within India's sports and wellness space. Since its inception, the company has been propagating the concept of drinking essential and healthy nutrients through its effervescent tablets. It is mainly targeting the digital savvy consumer-base that are committed to living an active life. Since its launch in 2015, Aeronutrix's flagship brand 'Fast&Up' has reached an inflection point as an entrenched sports and active-living nutrition brand.

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From the start, the company's product-line quickly proved itself by meeting the most stringent requirements of several sports professionals in the country. Globally too, athletes and bodybuilders have been the major consumers of sports nutrition products. However, the demands for such products are not just being driven by professional sports people these days. Rather, today there is tremendous adoption among lifestyle users, who form a much larger and growing community of people.

In India, the urban, financially-secure, middle-class has been the first to catch on by increasingly wanting a more balanced diet and lifestyle. With the digital age allowing universal access to global information on nutritional options, there is greater awareness and a growing demand for more advanced alternatives for supporting healthier living.

"Aeronutrix has taken upon itself an ambitious target of educating and providing innovative nutrition products to India. Our products are a perfect fit for every individual who leads an active lifestyle. This includes people across the spectrum right from the athletes to the occasional health enthusiasts who frequent the gymnasium. We are accelerating change for the wellness-seeking consumers by offering innovative and easy-to-use products," added Mr. Vijayaraghavan, CEO, Aeronutrix.

Yet, compared to advanced markets, the Indian 'active living' nutrition market is still at a nascent stage from an availability point of view. It is mostly catered to by whey-protein and energy drinks, still a very small subset of the total potential marketplace. This gap has created a sizeable opportunity for innovative OTC products that cater to active-living needs.

Aeronutrix's 'Fast&Up' portfolio of products occupies a sweet spot to address this demand-supply gap, and the brand has begun to resonate well with this consumer base. "Fast&Up offers a variety of pre-workout, post-workout and during workout supplements that are gluten-free, diabetic-friendly and that improve performance in any fitness regime, both for professional and amateur sports people. Our effervescent drinks are better tasting; easy to drink; quick absorbing; fast acting; and gentle on the digestive tract. Fast&Up products are available in compact tubular packing, which also makes them easy to carry," says Mr. Vijayaraghavan.

India is potentially a vast market for sports nutrition products. Aeronutrix is purposefully addressing the sizeable under-served active living market of India. This has helped the company rapidly ramp-up its sales at a CAGR of around 45% in the last 3-4 quarters.

Elaborating on Aeronutrix' marketing strategy, Mr. Vijayaraghavan, stated, "Our target customers actively engage with technology and look to their online social networks for advice on health and wellness. Consequently, we aligned our marketing approach around the lifestyle patterns of our consumers. Fast&Up products are distributed through many nutrition stores and retail outlets whereas online sales channels include the company's own portal as well as through select e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The brand has also built a strong presence on social media through its Facebook and Instagram pages and Twitter handle."

The pipeline of new products for the company is strong. Through its R&D led innovation, Aeronutrix has recently introduced made in India, Energy Gels and Instant Hydration drinks for higher performance. Going forward, the company has ambitious plans to introduce many more groundbreaking products to its portfolio. Over the next six months, at least three new products and three variants in the effervescent range are expected to become available. The company is also working on pioneering products using superior delivery science and more advanced ingredients, which will be the first-of-its-kind in India.

About Aeronutrix Aeronutrix Sports Products Private Limited is one of the fastest growing sport nutrition products company. Backed by innovative swiss technology and effervescent science, Aeronutrix' nutrition products promote Active Living and are favoured by sportspersons, health enthusiasts and discerning individuals who have chosen Healthy and Active Living. The company's flagship OTC brand 'Fast&Up' is the nutrition product of choice for many including national and international athletes in various sports such as Cricket, Soccer, Kabaddi, Cycling and Marathon. Aeronutrix is a subsidiary of Fullife Healthcare, a healthcare management company that makes and markets a range of effervescent products in over 22 countries across the globe.

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