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#BeBoldforChange – Make The World A Better Place

Misogyny is prevalent in both Western and developing nations - it's the most universal experience that cuts across social stratas irrespective of race, creed and income

Year on year, International Women’s Day has been set aside as a clarion call to recognise amidst ourselves, the work we have ahead for building a world where sexes are defined not by their gender but recognised as binaries - two uniquely distinct but equal entities roaming the face of this earth, and in some cases shooting for the stars. There is some misconception marked by borderline misogyny when the subject of feminism is brought up, and to clear the air, being a feminist is no way a threat to masculinity, but instead it advocates equality and aims to deconstruct the very fragment of gender bias.

International Women’s Day therefore draws on this very line of thought, to rally the global community to be empathic to the cause of humanity above masculinity. The theme for 2017 is #BeBoldforChange and it comes at no better time.

Misogyny is prevalent in both Western and developing nations - it's the most universal experience that cuts across social stratas irrespective of race, creed and income. Under circumstances that threaten to undo decades’ worth of efforts to bring about societal change and acceptance of women’s rights, it is important that our moral efforts do not lose ground. The Be Bold For Change campaign calls on each and every human to step forward, irrespective of gender, to be leaders within their own spheres of influence by taking bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity. Through purposeful collaboration, we can help women advance and unleash the limitless potential offered to economies the world over.

Misguided representation of women’s rights reduce these efforts towards propagating freedom of women to being able to work, play or party in a social level. But these efforts are far more significant than as perceived. It is for cultivating a world not of superiority, but of equality – a place where a daughter has equal access to education that a son is provided, a place where a wife is equal in law than a husband who is above, a place where a female worker does not have to worry about pay defined by gender but instead by the quality of work and most importantly a woman is not programmed to be reduced to a kitchen and a household but is free to make choices. Borrowing the French constitutional values of liberty, equality and fraternity, how wonderful would it be to make these Utopian sounding values a reality.

India has always been a surprising country – we are ingrained to respect our women in the highest of moral grounds, as deities and demigods. However, we are still finding it difficult to accept them in their mortal forms as equals in the societal structure. It is only through building a constructive dialogue and discussion that we can provide equality back to them. This women’s day 2017, i join millions globally in a pledge to be bold for the change you want to see. I am quite confident we are getting there.

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Natasha Mudhar

Natasha Mudhar is CEO and MD, Sterling Media, a globally renowned, multi-award-winning business and communications consultancy

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