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Rupee Sheds 15 Paise Against US Dollar

Yesterday, the rupee had slipped by 2 paise to settle at a seven-month low of 65.66 against the US currency due to sustained dollar demand

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Global Debt Has Reached Record High: IMF

The global debt reached a record high in 2016 at USD 164 trillion, or almost 225 per cent of GDP, Gaspar said, noting that most of the debt is in advanced economies although in the last 10 years, emerging market economies have been responsible for most of the increase

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Perceived one being as knower and known. 

With the mind, division will remain. Only with witnessing self division disappears. With the witnessing self you cannot say who is the known and who is the knower, it is both. But this has to be based on experience, otherwise it becomes a philosophical discussion.

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Tuning Into the Cosmic Mind

When the individual (mind) dissolves in the Cosmic Mind, it is no longer the mind we are talking about. It is a state of Supreme Consciousness. 
It is this calm and friendly mind that is the true refuge and the reservoir of infinite power and potentials.

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Days Of Incremental Change Are Over: PM Modi

Taking a dig at the previous governments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said days of incremental change are over and Indians have become more and more aspirational under the BJP-led government at the Centre.

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