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What I Inherited Is Today 12% Of L&T; The Other 88% I Have Created: A. M. Naik, Executive Chairman, Larsen & Toubro

What I Inherited Is Today 12% Of L&T; The Other 88% I Have Created: A. M. Naik, Executive Chairman, Larsen & Toubro


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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


You will not be satisfied with your progress in financial related matters. There is a lot to be achieved. You still have to hit the jackpot. If you put in hard work and smart work there are chances your monetary gains will increase drastically. Jupiter is benevolent enough to ensure a smooth financial week for you this week.


Influence of benevolent Jupiter is here to stay and will work towards keeping you in a stable financial condition. There will be plenty of money flowing in. However, due to the ruler of the second house being in the 12th house, you are advised not to make any fresh investment for development. You can spend on the interiors of the house.


Frequent minor gains will make its way and you will always remain cheerful in your financial matters. There will be no dearth of money. You will earn money from some other sources in addition to your regular source. Avoid spending lavishly and impulsively and keep an effective check on unwarranted expenses.


There will be something lacking for you in matters related to money. You will still feel that you should do something more to earn more money. You will have stray monetary gains but you are insatiable! You are likely to spend a lot on unwarranted expenses. Focus on saving more money for the future.


A remarkable time for you financially. You will get some money from another source besides your own direct payment. As the inflow of money will increase, you will be in a cheerful mood. Moreover, your planets linked to finances will continue to support you in your endeavors to make more money. Be judicious in saving.


This will be a remarkable time for you financially. Saturn posited in the eleventh house will present good opportunity to benefit monetarily. You will remain in a strong and healthy position as far as money is concerned. You will have enough opportunity to enhance your cash flow. At the same time, you will be wise and prudent in saving and investing.


Tie your purse strings for there will be mounting expenses, half of which you have created. Influence of Sun and Mars can lead to increase in family-related expenses. But thank heavens for the influence of benefices. You will manage the expenses comfortably. You will remain in a healthy financial position.


It will be a strong financial week for you as you are likely to have a windfall. There will be encouraging returns from an investment made earlier. Enjoy the boost! You will have enough cause to cheer up. If you are planning for some fresh investment, go ahead. Saturn stationed in the eleventh house will work well for extra gains over and above the regular one.


You are opening up a plan to handle your financial world with a different method and it doesn’t concern if that method is right or wrong. What is meant is that you will resort to unethical ways to increase the inflow of money here. And succeed you will!!! However, keep a low profile and do not boast about your achievements.


The position of planets here will spell financial hiccups. It is not a right time for fresh investment. Take a decision related to finance after due deliberations only. Refrain from speculation oriented activities. Transit of planets will cause an increase in the expenses. Keep a track on unwarranted expenses and careful financial planning will enable you to have a safe future.


Your planets will prompt you to make the wisest choices about the investment instead of going on a shopping spree. You will show your eagerness to invest money in order to start a profitable venture. However, the current planetary position does not seem favorable on this count. You will need to wait for suitable planetary positions.


New avenues of earning will boost up your existing revenues. The flow of monetary gains will increase and you will be required to make wise and calculated moves. Encouraging financial accrual will keep your spirits high. You will remain in a comfortable position on the financial front. Plan finances with the long term in view and keep enough provision for an unforeseen event.

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