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Maruti Suzuki To Roll Out Automatic Gearbox Variant Of Vitara Brezza

Maruti Suzuki To Roll Out Automatic Gearbox Variant Of Vitara Brezza


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Looking To Disrupt India LCV Market: Maruti Suzuki

After having a well-ensconced presence in the passenger vehicle segment, Maruti Suzuki is now preparing a roadmap to gain a strategic foothold in the light commercial vehicle space. BW Businessworld talks with R.S. Kalsi, Senior, Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki, to understand it better. Below are the edited excerpts:

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


With three important planets along with Rahu in the eleventh house, you can expect significant luck and blessings in matters related to finances. Money making prospects will begin to flow and the confidence you have in your talents will soar with Jupiter moving. Make the most of the cosmic boost for you are going to receive huge monetary gains.


It will be a comfortable week for you in matters connected to money. You will have enough opportunity to enhance your cash flow, at the same time, Mercury now in own sign Virgo, stationed in the 12th house, will help in managing expenses wisely by executing due discrimination. Increase your profits by investing intelligently.


Sun gets posited in your sign and will come closer to Jupiter which is already stationed therein. Sun becomes debilitated in your sign. You may be tempted to use unfair means to strengthen your position on the financial front. You want to take risks. However, take care that you are not on the wrong side of the law, while pushing ahead your financial prospects.


You are likely to spend lavishly to please your friend circle. It could be a sort of boasting. However, this can cause a huge financial crunch for you in the coming days. You need to check effectively your personal habitual expenses here. You need to seek advice from your financial advisor and shore up some funds into a portfolio.


You are now in a position to set aside the funds for achieving the desired level of progress. However, looking at the position of Saturn and Jupiter, it is not advisable to go for any major financial involvement for now. Jupiter, being natural benefice and your guardian, will help you manage expenses comfortably.


Mercury comes direct in motion. This will pave the way for you to put in your concrete plans of increasing your inflow of money. As you stand to earn handsome monetary gains, do not fall into the trap of overindulgence in shopping. Keep an effective check on personal habitual expenses and focus on saving money.


Looking at the position of benefice Jupiter in the 12th house and wily Saturn occupying the house linked with finance, business persons need to remain cautious about the payment conditions. You will have highs and lows in your financial condition. Fortunately, the highs will overpower the lows. So just relax and cherish the week as it comes.


The week marks a short period of stagnancy. With no proper and sufficient inflow of money, you will feel stranded as if you are on a deserted island. You can blame this on the still position of the major planets Saturn and Jupiter. You are advised to handle money matters very much cautiously. Major financial involvement should be avoided.


You still need to hold the reins. It is still not the correct time for making any sort of investment in a big way. You need to take expert advice from a financial guru who will show you better ways of saving in a bank. Monetary gains will keep pouring through the week and you will be pretty comfortable.


Well-aligned benefices will bring in some good tidings in matters related to your finances. It will facilitate encouraging monetary gains. You will sail pretty comfortably this week. There will be enough of funds to meet your demands. But do not let this intoxicate you with the desire to shop till you drop dead!!


With Venus in the ninth house and benevolent Jupiter in the eleventh house, there can be no better times. Money will make its way into your hand. A lot of opportunities are going to present itself for you. You will be financially stable and have enough money from other sources.


Mercury and Venus come together to smoothen your road to financial glory and stability. You will be blessed with an ingenious strategy to enhance your financial status. As you see your financial prospects improving you will be filled with a sudden surge to even excel higher. You will be inspired by your own success story to climb the ladder of success.

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