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BW's Best Banks' Survey: HDFC Tops The List

BW's Best Banks' Survey: HDFC Tops The List


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Who Is In Charge Of The World?

As the US falters in global leadership, China and Russia scramble to take charge. Between the three, none is in control right now. For the moment the world seems to be on auto-pilot...

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I’m Brave Enough To Say I’m Not Brave

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; ...

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Trump Goes Toxic

The West has polluted the world for over 200 years since the industrial revolution in the 1770S... through the 1900S...

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Pooling Of Land In Delhi

Land Pooling if properly implemented on the basis of a coordinated detailed urban design can help transform the city...

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


You will have to go beyond the regular routine and explore different avenues for making monetary gains. Your stars in the natal chart and the aligned planets will help you in this matter. Work towards the set goal to earn handsome monetary gains. You’ll be in a strong financial condition.


You will have heavy expenses to be incurred due to some urgent and unexpected family function. However, do not withhold it as performing religious ceremony leads to peace of mind. You will have enough of monetary gains later to compensate for the expenses. You will remain in a healthy financial position.


Planetary positions at the beginning indicate good encouraging monetary gains for you. You will be in a comfortable and healthy financial position. With Sun and debilitated Mars traversing through the second house, expenses related to family stands to increase. You are advised to refrain from investments for now and save.


Monetarily, this week seems to be healthy and encouraging one for you. You will stand to earn some handsome monetary gains which will enliven your spirits. As your financial position is strengthened, you may be tempted to lend huge sums of money to colleagues. Refrain from over spilling your generosity.


Malefic Saturn continues its influence over the second house and ruler thereof. This influence does not spell well for your financial health. Your planning will be upset by the unexpected expenses to be incurred. You will have to shore off some money while planning. The occasional monetary gain will keep you motivated.


If you have lost any previous opportunity to make extra money, you will be provided with another chance. Grab it without delay and make some monetary gains. As you stand a fat chance to make some profits, you will be very cheerful this week. Avoid any fresh investments for now.


Your stars are in your favor. You will remain in a sound position on the financial front. As there will be monetary gains you will sail smoothly this week. Ganesha advises not to take a decision in matters related to finance in haste, driven by instinct. Remain focused on saving money.


You will remain in a healthy financial position this week as your stars in the natal chart and the position of planets are favorable. You’ll gain stray monetary benefits throughout the week. Though the gains will not be major ones, it will suffice for you. Refrain from making any investments.


Moon is in action-oriented fiery Aries and is in direct opposition to benevolent Jupiter. This signals that you will have some upcoming monetary gains either through savings or investments in the past. This gain is for investing in different avenues. This will fetch high returns for a long time.


Venus traversing through own sign Taurus through the fifth house will work in helping you to gain some encouraging monetary gains. This will keep you in a healthy financial condition. You will be in a good mood of shopping for your personal needs. You are advised not to go overboard.


Benefices seem perfectly aligned this week to facilitate encouraging opportunities for monetary gains. You will be fortunate to earn a lot of money through your past investments and savings. In turn, your position on financial front gathers more strength. You will have enough to make fresh investments. Save enough money.


Mercury and Sun are now in close connection in the fifth house. This position will inspire you with some novel ideas to enhance your financial prospects. Encouraging opportunity to benefit monetarily is sure to come up. You can be sure about the upsurge in earnings.

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