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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Positions of benefices are indicative of gain through inheritance. However, it may take some time before you can deposit the gains in your bank account. Some of the inheritance may include land property as well. You are advised not to give in to reckless spending. Keeping a track on unwarranted expenses and planning judiciously will keep you in good financial health in future.


The week is not going to favor you in matters related to money. Under malefic influence of wily Saturn, you will face financial glitches and face difficulties in running the show both at home and in your business. Since you will experience constraints on inflow of money, be careful about your expenses. Refrain from investments and concentrate on saving.


Influence of Jupiter over the second house, is sure indication of developing much stronger position on financial front. Your financial accrual will enliven your spirits. The gains depend on the competence levels of your business partners too. So ensure your level of compatibility is high at all times. You do not want to lose because of them.


Benefices along with Sun present in the fifth house, indicates that you will have high monetary gains this week also. As you gain a windfall and lady luck smiles on you, your financial aspirations will be driven by your firm stand to strengthen your financial status. You have accumulated a lot of wealth. You can now spend on your family needs and comforts.


Sun now joins company of Saturn and Mercury posited in Sagittarius. You need to remain level headed to gain from battle of the two titans. Here Mercury will act as a mediator and push you to gain financially. You will be ready to take risks and upscale your profits. Hard work will certainly pay you rich rewards.


Benefices will promote your chances of earning handsome monetary gains. You will sail comfortably and be on cloud nine. At the same time you will have to meet family expenditure due to the festive season. But you will be prudent and save wisely. You will remain in a healthy financial position.


Well positioned benefices linked with good fortune and finances will keep you in a strong position on financial front. You will be showered with blessings of financial happiness. Inflow of money is likely to increase here. You will be motivated to increase the comforts of your life. You will spend on the exteriors of your house.


You are in a strong financial condition and will do everything to make the lives of your loved ones comfortable. You will increase comforts for your family and also buy gadgets to make task of daily chores easier. In view of current planetary positions, postpone plans for major financial involvement.


Planets here will prompt you to earn lot of money at the earliest. Your earnings and natural talents can help you to build up a fortune for yourself. However, refrain from speculation oriented activities. Stay away from risky investments as impulses will rule your life. You will be able to manage your expenses comfortably if you know how to be tight fisted.


Well aligned benefices will present opportunity for benefiting from handsome monetary gains. Planet, concerned with good fortune, showers blessings of financial happiness on you. Your profession will help you to earn well. While your earning graph will surge upwards, you will feel like spending money on comforts and enriching your life style. And why not? You deserve the luxuries.


Benefices are well aligned to help you to have a rich return on your past investments. You will remain very strong in financial matters. Some good encouraging monetary gain is likely to accrue here. However, be wary of relatives who will come to borrow money from you. Avoid all sort of moral obligations.


Financial status is going to be wonderful for the natives of this sign. You will earn good money all because of your hard labour. You will also stand to gain through inheritance. Keep your shopping on personal needs under a solid control. Overspending can lead to financial crunch in the future.

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