Exports: 17 Out Of 30 Sectors In Negative Zone In March

Exports: 17 Out Of 30 Sectors In Negative Zone In March

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Politics Of Policy | Saving Markets From Marketmen

Indian markets remain stunted because some players are exploiting exchanges for money laundering and tax evasion...

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Future Of The Car

Electric cars will certainly replace petrol and diesel cars over the next 20 years. But to predict a driverless future is hazardous...

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India Needs $1 Trillion To Fulfill Its Carbon Emissions Promise

The Paris climate deal that supersedes the Kyoto Protocol has clearer intent and more objective goals than its predecessor....

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The odd-even rule cannot be a permanent solution for the rising pollution levels in Delhi. Though it is a good move by the Delhi Government, it should come up with a long-term plan, and if given a chance it will create a civic sense among the people which is needed


Dileep Padgaonkar Journalist & political commentator


Certainly, the odd-even rule has reduced congestion on roads. The Delhi Government should continue this rule for next 15 days to observe what can be done on a long-term basis. Though it is not a permanent solution, it is flagging a couple of issues. Hopefully, the government would do more monitoring on traffic floor. Only after proper and thorough assessment, the Arvind Kejriwal-led government should come up with a permanent solution

Ajoy Bose Political commentator


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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


You are to be keen on increasing your earnings. You are to come across avenues to earn some extra money other than your regular income. Planets here are to favor you to benefit monetarily. Remain concerned with saving money for future needs. Ganesha advises you to cut out all unnecessary expenses for bolstering your saving reserves.


Encouraging financial gains shall help you save money satisfactorily. At the same time you are to increase provisions for family willingly. There is a chance that the temptation to buy something expensive which you have been cherishing for a long time may become too strong, but Ganesha advises you to consider the utility of the thing before you buy it.


No major monetary gains are to accrue here. You need to execute due discrimination while spending money. You will feel like spending money, buying luxuries, adding comforts in living place. Ganesha warns that this kind of lavish spending could leave a massive hole in your savings reserves without you realizing it. So be careful.


Around midweek, you are to come across good opportunity to benefit monetarily. Gain here is to work well in improving your position on financial front. Influence of retrograde Mars and Saturn over the House indicative of expenses in general can lead to major unexpected expenses. Taking this in consideration, you need to keep enough provision for emergencies.


Mercury connected with your finances is in retrograde mode here. In view of this refrain from making any major financial commitments. Maintain status quo and if you have spare money, park the same in a safe avenue for now. Children are likely to become more demanding, and you may give in to reasonable demands.


You are to be in a comfortable position on financial front here. However, no noticeable addition except your regular income. There is likely to have inner urge to earn some big money quickly. Do not let the urge become strong enough to push you to look for ways to earn money fast. Remain focused on your present activity without getting distracted.


Planetary positions here seem rather discouraging about your position on the financial front. Taking this in view, handle money matters cautiously. Refrain from committing major financial involvement. Park your spare funds in a safe avenue for now. Wait for the right market conditions to invest your surplus funds.


With two powerful Planets in retrograde mode, transiting through the 2nd House, indicative of matters related finance, you need to handle money matters with utmost care. No fresh investment in any way for now. Ganesha advises you to cut out all unnecessary expenses, but do not compromise on basic family needs.


You may feel like using some unethical methods to earn more money to fulfill your personal requirements. However, do not take this as substitute for your regular income. With Saturn moving in retrograde mode, you need to remain cautious while handling matters related to finance. Try to save as much as you can.


You need to plan your finances with long term in view and keep enough provision for emergency. With two major planets transiting in retrograde mode, through the 12th House, money may seem to be just slipping from your hand. You need to mark out your priorities and execute due discrimination while spending money.


You are to remain in wanting to strike it big. Planetary positions here do not seem to support you to have major monetary gains. However, small gains are to fill the gap to some extent. Ganesha advises you to sit tight, control or even cut out all unnecessary expenses, and be patient as beter times are just round the corner.


Mars is ruler the House concerned with your finances. Mars currently is in retrograde mode and in company of retrograde Saturn. This means you need to handle money matters with a cool head. Do not take decision related to finance driven by instinct. Also refrain from major financial involvement. Keep spare funds in a safe avenue.

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