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Lok Sabha Passes All Four Tax Reform GST Bills

Lok Sabha Passes All Four Tax Reform GST Bills

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Republic TV Launch: 'I Am Pro-military, Pro-India, Not Right-wing; Proud To Have Rajeev Chandrasekhar As One Of My Largest Investors'

In a freewheeling interview with BW Businessworld’s Suman K Jha, Arnab Goswami rubbishes the charge that he’s pro-Modi, citing stories like ‘Lalitgate’. He says some channels are begging distributors to stop Republic telecast for a month

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'Countdown' Has Begun, I-T Dept Warns Black Money Holders Ahead Of March 31 Deadline

The Income Tax department on Friday warned black money holders that it has "information" about their illegal deposits and they should avail the soon-to-end PMGKY window to come clean

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Why It Will Be Do Or Die For Congress In 2018

Sutanu Guru argues how elections in Gujarat, Karnataka, Himachal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh will revive or kill the Rahul-led Congress

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Politics Of Faith

The New York Times is horrified that a Hindu monk can lead a state. It should look inwards. The inflammatory, ultra-conservative rhetoric of some of America's Christian evangelists in the Republican party make Adityanath look positively secular in co...

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For A Healthy You, Weigh Yourself!

This is a sure shot way of losing weight. Eating dinner by 7.30 pm means that you will have a 13-hour fasting between dinner and breakfast. Intermittent fasting is known to decrease weight, reduce inflammation and the risk of heart related diseases...

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An Insight Called 24 ÷ U

You'll only have 24 hours in the day. And even 10 million bucks won't buy you an extra minute. Which should give you a perspective on life...

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Being Healthy: The Venus Way

This March, as the world celebrates the extended International Women’s Day as the Women’s month, incorporating all the above in a woman’s life, will make it the year of the woman...

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'If Better Quality News Goes Out, Better Will Be The Consumption Of News'

In an exclusive conversation with Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief BW Businesssworld, Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, MoS, I&B Ministry spoke about the need for self-regulation, the achievements of his Ministry and the need for Indian media to take the global route

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Take important decisions related to finance only after due deliberation and do not get carried away by impulse. You will be in a comfortable financial position but you will have to meticulously plan to increase your gains in future. Minor monetary gains will enliven your spirits. Work hard for more resources.


Looking at positions of benefices and Mercury, take cautions against making any fresh investment. Also, make decisions in matters related to finance after due deliberations only. Taking suggestions from elders and well-experienced people is advisable at this point of time. Don’t invest in shares at the moment. Be careful.


You are likely to get a very good opportunity to benefit monetarily. This is to lift up the dark gloom and enliven your spirits. A healthy financial position is envisaged for you. You will be more comfortable than you ever were this week. However, don’t spend too much in shopping.


You are to remain in a strong position on the financial front. Influence of Saturn can lead to incurring of expenses unexpectedly. The expenses if not controlled can burn a hole in your pocket. In view of this plan finances with long-term in view and keep enough provision for emergencies.


With two major malefic influencing the second house, refrain from taking decision related to major financial involvement for this week. There will be a financial crunch for you. Monetary gains may not be healthy. Keep an effective check on unwarranted expenses to save more money. No major investments should be made.


Planetary position here will see you in a very comfortable position on the financial front. You will have encouraging gains. Do not plan for any investments as your planets here do not seem supportive for indulging in any fresh investment. Talk about inheritance will enter final stages here. Soon you will be rich.


Frequent minor monetary gains will keep you in high spirits. This week your demands will not be too high as a result you will be able to save a good amount of money in some small investments. Your planets will see that you remain in a reasonably sound financial position.


Planets here will present encouraging opportunity to benefit monetarily. Handle finances wisely and try to save money for future needs. Make a list of all your top priorities and invest in a good deal thereafter. Invest smartly and plan accordingly. It is good to spend lavishly once in a while.


Sun having now shifted to its sign of exaltation again, action oriented fiery cardinal sign Aries; you can expect lady luck to support you. In turn, your position on the financial front stands to get strengthened. Investing in a good deal and may bring you good returns for the future.


For remaining in a sound and consistent financial position, you need to adopt healthy practices for handling finances. Identify your priorities about monetary requirements and spend money accordingly. Due to your impulsive nature and your habit of wasting money on buying things not needed, you stand to lose your money.


As you will not have profitable monetary gains, you will be tempted to look for some softer options to make some quick gains. Major benefices Jupiter and Venus are retrograde. Therefore, you should not try for huge monetary gains. You will be able to manage with the resources at your end.


Position of exalted Sun is in the house, it doesn’t seem like a good week for finances in general. It’s a great time to repay any of your debts if there are any. Don’t spend lavishly without any reasons since increase in domestic and family related expenses are on the card.

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