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‘Like Korea’s Samsung, India Needs Its National Champions'

‘Like Korea’s Samsung, India Needs Its National Champions'


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'Small Entrepreneurs And Self-employed Will Benefit Immensely From New Direct Selling Guidelines'

BW Businessworld’s Clifford Alvares spoke to Zaheer Merchant, Director of Corporate Affairs at QNet on the direct selling guidelines that have been recently issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and also the road ahead for direct selling

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


This week you will want to invest whatever monetary gains you earn in a productive way. You will have no inclination of spending the money on unnecessary things. Monetary gains will keep pouring in. The position of benefices will work well and you will find yourself in a healthy financial health.


With Venus, related to finance and money, posited in the second house and being influenced by benevolent Jupiter seems a sure sign of increasing inflow of money. At the same time, Jupiter influencing the 12th house, indicative of expenses, you may incur expenses related to some religious ceremony this week.


The position of Moon in opposition to Jupiter at the beginning, herald some good news for you in terms of monetary gains. The handsome gains that come your way will prove beneficial. This gives you enough cause to cheer up. In turn, you will increase monetary provision for your family.


Your financial status this week is bleak as the planets have moved away from the perfect position. In view of this, you have to use your wisdom and previous experience to handle money matters much cautiously. Though the markets may be tempting, fresh investment needs to be put on hold


Mercury traversing through your sign will portend good news as far as finance is concerned. It will provide you the necessary intellectual input to benefit from the available opportunity. You will remain in a stable financial position. The gains will be very satisfying but not enough for spending on your comforts.


You will be provided with opportunities to make some fast monetary gains. You must ensure that you rise and grab the chance before it slips away. Doing so will bring in handsome monetary benefits. Laxity will put you in trouble. Your planets are well positioned to keep you financially strong.


While dealing with high worth customer be careful that you maintain your cool and do not give in to the temptation of losing your temper. You may lose an important and profitable deal. Be compassionate to the views of the concerned person. The frequent minor monetary gains will lift your spirits.


You will be in a healthy and strong financial position this week. This is due to the encouraging monetary gain from funds you had invested earlier. This will enliven your moods and you will be able to spend on the things that you have been holding too close to your heart.


Saturn is stationed in your sign with a reason to instill in you the wisdom to handle money matters intelligently and in a way that it will produce rich returns. You will earn well enough to be you comfortable in money matters. You will remain in a strong position on the financial front.


Jupiter is taking the right position in order to assist you in maintaining a good financial position. You will have sufficient monetary gains pouring in, but at the same time, you must not indulge in spending your money on unnecessary things. Check your personal habitual expenses and focus on savings.


The position of benevolent Jupiter portends a sound financial position for you the whole week. You will have enough gains coming in, however, spend judiciously on your personal habitual expenses and remain focused on saving money for future needs. Do not go in for any major or minor financial investments now.


Some monetary gain with little effort on your part will enliven spirits. Combined influence of Saturn and debilitated Mars can cause you to incur expenses unexpectedly. This will be the main cause of your finances running dry soon. Ganesha advises you to keep enough provision for contingency while planning finances.

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