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Most Indian Firms Under-hedged, Vulnerable To Forex Risk: IndRa

Most Indian Firms Under-hedged, Vulnerable To Forex Risk: IndRa

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RCSI Seeks Closer Links With Indian Healthcare Sector

With more than 15,500 graduates worldwide, many of them leaders in key organisations globally, the RCSI alumni network empowers at every career stage, says CEO Cathal Kelly

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Around mid-week, you will be tempted to take some kind of shortcuts to boost your financial prospects. Ganesha advises you against looking for soft options to make money. This will not really help you. You need not worry as you will be in a reasonably sound position on the financial front.


Around midweek you will get a good opportunity to benefit monetarily. However, you need to respond promptly and take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself. Identify the moment and strike your deals. Plan finances with long term in view. Invest them in safe avenues for higher returns.


Benefices are in an excellent supportive position so there are chances of good monetary gains. You will not have any issues related to money matters. Plan your finances with long term in view and keep in mind the expenses you might have to incur later. Save enough provisions for contingency.


Beware of Saturn this week. It aspects mighty Sun posited in the eight house. This does not seem to be favourable for your financial health. In view of this handle the matters related to finance and family much carefully. Refrain from any kind of fresh investment to earn more money.


Though not a very great week for financial gains, but something is better than nothing. Some out of blue financial gain will give enough cause to cheer up. You must thank your stars and be satisfied with this money. More will definitely follow. Keep enough provisions for contingency, while planning finance.


Some major monetary gains seem to be in offing here. This gain will be enough for you to invest in some major deals. Look for higher returns in a short time span. Monetary gains will further strengthen your position on financial front. You will spend on some luxury items.


Those doing business will have to pump in more money to keep the work going smoothly. You need to keep the investments ready in hand to meet the demands of production. Financially it will be a comfortable week. Some stray monetary gains will enliven your spirits. These gains should be saved for the future.


You will feel motivated and plan to start fresh for increasing your flow of money in this week. A good encouraging opportunity to benefit monetarily is in the offing mid-week. Make the best out of this to strengthen your position on the financial front. Plan in an intelligent way to increase your finances.


You will remain in a healthy financial position. You will also have some instincts and a strong urge to strike it big in order to have more money to enjoy pleasures of life. Planetary positions here will support your cause, in coming days. You must ensure that you also save.


Another comfortable perfect and healthy financial week is foreseen. Benefices will facilitate good monetary gains for you this week also. Your position on the financial front is all set to improve in the days to come. You will be in a better position to enjoy a higher standard of living and will have a better lifestyle.


Your planets are very supportive this week. There is a good possibility of getting an opportunity to benefit monetarily. However, you need to avoid wasting money. Take a decision in matters related to finance, after due deliberation. You can take the advice of an elderly person.


Your position on the financial front is all set to strengthen in the coming days. Benefices will facilitate an opportunity for monetary gain. So you can enjoy yourself and spend a little money on your comforts. The planets will be supportive of this. Also, let the spark of generosity shine in you.

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