The Tolerance Battle, Aamir Khan & Social Media

The Tolerance Battle, Aamir Khan & Social Media

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Astro Pedict: How will your finances be this week?


Tuesday-Wednesday are likely to present good monetary gains. This is likely to give cause to cheer up. You may be able to save money satisfactorily. Ganesha advises you not to blow up the extra money you are likely to earn this week on unnecessary things but to take expert advise and save a substantial portion of it to secure your future.


Some encouraging monetary gains are likely to accrue this week for you. This is a sure cause to cheer up. However, some unexpected family related expenses are likely to have a dampening effect. Savings are likely to be satisfactory. But you may keep getting the nagging feeling that you somehow need to increase your earnings, and might seriously consider taking up some freelance project.


Planetary alliances this week are indicative of a healthy financial position. You are likely to go on a buying spree to provide for luxuries and creature comforts at home. Savings are also likely to be satisfactory. So, all in all, Ganesha foresees a comfortable week on the financial front for you, but at the same time advises you to set aside some money for future emergencies.


Sun now changes Sign to enter Sagittarius and stationed in the 6th House, concerning adversity, along with Saturn already present there. This indicates that you may need to toil hard for earning money. Also you are likely to face hindrances on this front. Incidental expenses may increase. You may have to borrow money temporarily to meet some unexpected urgent expense.


You are likely to get a an opportunity to make some encouraging monetary gains. Thursday-Friday are marked for this. However, do not get carried away by this as your expenses also are likely to increase, especially with children raising their demands and being stubborn about it. You shall have to ensure that you tackle this issue tactfully.


Moon is positioned in the 8th House, being ruler of the 11th House, related to gains. You may miss some good earning opportunity, as you may not respond to it promptly. However, if you are alert and grab the opportunity, you will stand to gain handsomely from it. You must resist the temptation to spend lavishly on your family and prepare for future energencies.


Your spouse is likely to be keen on doing some part time assignment to have more money on hand. Planetary alliances seem favorable to help you save more money. You might even get some financial support from your in-laws. During this favorable week, even a windfall is likely, probably from some inheritance or in the form of dividends on your shares.


Investments, if any, done in real estate like fixed assets, are likely to get stuck up. Refrain from taking any major decision regarding money matters this week. Otherwise also, take care in financial transactions. Do not lend money, more so to a relative, as you may not get it back in full. Try to postpone the issue, unless inevitable.


Some out-of-turn monetary gains are likely to give you sufficient cause to cheer up. With Saturn and Mercury in a combusted state, handle financial transactions very carefully. Do not deviate from ethical practices. Children are likely to become very demanding, but you need to handle them very tactfully though you may concede the necessary demands.


Some old blocked investment is likely to yield encouraging dividends this week, feels Ganesha. Enough cause to cheer up here. Now is not the right time to make fresh investments. Keep money in safe avenue, may be with low returns. At any cost you mays not indulge in any kind of speculative activities or take any risk in money matters.


In financial matters, you may face uncomfortable moments at times. Meaning, you may run short of money to meet some particular commitment this week. However, Ganesha assures you that this is only a passing phase and things will soon turn in your favor. Try to avoid all unnecessary expenses as far as possible, but do not compromise on needs of children.


Around the weekend, you may get a good earning opportunity. This shall help strengthen your position on the financial front. You are likely to connect with some influential persons. This may work well in enhancing your financial interests, in due course of time. You would do well to invest your surplus funds in government bonds.

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