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‘Like Korea’s Samsung, India Needs Its National Champions'

‘Like Korea’s Samsung, India Needs Its National Champions'


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Job Creation Is Our Biggest Challenge Today: Sunil Kant Munjal

Industry veteran and Joint Managing Director of Hero Motocorp, India, Sunil Kant Munjal talks to Annurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief, BW Businessworld. The interview is a part of a special series, BW Dialogue hosted by Annurag Batra and showcased on NewsX

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


You will be pretty comfortable as far as money is concerned. There will be some unexpected minor monetary gain. You will have enough reasons to cheer up. You will remain in a strong position on the financial front. Save your money wisely in mutual funds. Avoid spending on entertainment or pleasures.


Influences of benefices and the perfect position of planets in your chart will assist you in making rich monetary gains. This will further strengthen your position and you will be in a cheerful mood. You will not have any expense to incur, so you can safely store away some money.


The week will be pretty comfortable as far as finances are concerned. You will have some encouraging monetary gain. Your planets do not portend any unexpected major expenses. This means you can comfortably shore up the money in some safe avenues. As you remain financially strong you will be in a cheerful mood.


Solar eclipse in Leo along with a cluster of planets in the second house does not sound well for your financial health. You must be careful in matters related to finance and deal with the same cautiously. You must successfully make such changes in planning to gain quick profitable monetary gains.


You must make realistic plans that will enhance your financial prospects. Planetary positions will support your cause. You will be able to save considerably as there will be no expenses to be incurred. You will have enough opportunity to shore off some money for the future. Avoid any major investment.


Well-positioned benefices will facilitate monetary gains which will compensate for the expenses you had incurred in the past. You will not run short of financial gains. This will give you enough reasons to cheer up. You should not invest this week. Doing so can put you in a tight position.


Solar eclipse taking place in the eleventh house will facilitate an extraordinary opportunity for you to gain monetarily as an after effect of a strenuous project. The gains here will enliven you. There will be no major expenses to be incurred. This means you have good scope for increasing savings.


Matters related to finance needs to be handled with due care and intelligence. Around midweek, Mercury moves into its own sign dual-natured, earth sign Virgo. Movement of Saturn through the second house will instill in you the wisdom to handle money matters very judiciously in order to increase gains.


You will sail in a comfortable financial week, as Jupiter will assist you in earning encouraging monetary gains. You will earn sporadic gains that will help you in your routine work. You will have to withhold any plans of investing for now as the investments will not fetch you high returns.


The position of planets portends that you will stand to earn huge monetary gains through inheritance. It will be an exciting event for you as all your dreams will be fulfilled. Gain here is sure to further strengthen your position on financial front and of course, make you richer.


The position of benefices will work well in facilitating an opportunity for encouraging monetary gains. The gains here will lend more strength to you on the financial front. As the monetary gains pour in, you will be cheerful and in a full mood to enjoy with the family. A small vacation is in the offing.


Your planets seem to be dull at the moment. There is no major monetary gain portended for you this week. You must be cautious as you will have a limited amount of money to spend. However, some minor gains will keep you in high spirits. Keep enough provision for unexpected expenses.

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