Railways Exploring Fare Hike On Select Routes

Railways Exploring Fare Hike On Select Routes

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Heat Drives Zika’s Spread

Mosquitoes are by far one of the deadliest species on earth. Mosquito borne diseases are estimated to affect more than 700 million people globally every year...

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All Shopping Centres Need To Be Pedestrianised

Upmarket shopping malls serve a very limited section of our society. Variations of traditional shopping bazaars with their overlapping of mixed uses would more effectively serve the needs of city residents...

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The Chinese Puzzle

The launch on 16 January in Beijing of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a counterweight to the us-dominated World Bank is an indication of China’s determination to expand its global financial role...

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As we all know that talks is the only way but unfortunately it seems like Pakistan is going back on everything they promised to India. We can only say to the PM Modi that the whole country stands united with its fight against terrorism. But PM Modi has to take decisive and time bound steps.


RPN Singh Congress


Whatever the appropriate steps the government has to take have been taken and in that direction. The foreign secretary dialogue did not take place as it has been postponed. Government of India has already raised its concern and Pakistan has to respond to it. We have to wait for it and accordingly Indian government will have its structured response.

Siddharth Nath Singh BJP


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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


You are to continue remaining in a comfortable position on the financial front, predicts Ganesha. However, planetary positions here do not favor fresh investments. You would do well to set aside some substantial funds for emergency reserves and invest them wisely. Do not under any circumstances lend the money to anyone this week.


Financially you are likely to remain in a comfortable position this week, foretells Ganesha. Good time to deliberate over avenues where you can invest your money profitably. If needed, Ganesha advises you to take expert advice from an investment expert. You would do well to try to increase your savings reserves by cutting down on unnecessary expenses.


Planetary positions are indicative of a healthy financial position for you this week, foretells Ganesha. You need to effectively check your personal habitual expenses. This way more money is saved. You may have to start thinking seriously in terms of long-term investments, and take expert guidance for the purpose.


Sun rules the second House and Moon rules your Sign. Strong Mars and Saturn have aspect over Moon and Sun transiting through Aquarius. These positions do not paint a healthy picture of finance for you. An unexpected expense is to upset your savings plan. The time is right to start thinking about setting aside money to invest it wisely.


Influence of benevolent Jupiter over Mercury is likely to influence circumstances in your favor on the financial front this week, anticipates Ganesha. There is a distinct possibility of gaining some unexpected earnings. This will consequently lead you to temptations to splurge more money on shopping, but you would do well to save it for a rainy day.


Some encouraging monetary gains from investments made earlier are to enliven spirits. Good time to make fresh investment in productive way. You are to have enough money on hand to meet regular incidental expenses comfortably and also save money satisfactorily. However, you will have to keep a tight fist to increase savings.


Mars is in its own Sign Scorpio and transits through the second House, concerned with finance. This position does not sound well for enjoying sound financial position. This is to induce you to spend money instinctively. Handle finances with a cool head, advises Ganesha. Children may become a bit demanding, but don't concede to unreasonable demands.


There is to be squeeze about money matters on hand. Things are not to move way you planned earlier. You may need to draw from savings to meet some unexpected expense. You need to make enough provision for emergency while planning finances with long term in view. Ganesha advises you to start thinking about how to augment your income from other sources.


You are likely to be in a comfortable position on financial front. This seems good time to make fresh investments in productive way. Ganesha advises you to invest your money judiciously after consulting an investment expert, and to ensure that it will cover future contingencies. Do not lend money this week, even to close relatives.


Some unexpected expenses related to family are likely to upset your plans to save money. Also unwarranted buying of things shall impact your savings plans. Do not spend money driven by instinct. Remain careful in financial transactions. You might also feel under pressure to take up an extra part-time job to earn more.


No major monetary gains are to accrue for you this week. At the same time no major expenses are envisaged this time around. You are to meet regular incidental expenses comfortably. Still, many of you will feel like taking up an extra part-time job in order to augment your existing income, so that you can secure your future.


With regard to finance, you are to be better placed. Savings will be satisfactory. You shall be able to manage your routine expenses comfortably, but you may have to take a tricky call as there are some unexpected expenses on the cards. You will have to take stock of your monetary reserves and decide how much priority to give to which expense.

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