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India Banking Bailout Cost 'Manageable', Says IMF

India Banking Bailout Cost 'Manageable', Says IMF

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The Never Ending NPA Crisis

Bad debts will continue to cripple banks till the end of 2018. Sutanu Guru on how this will damage Brand Modi

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Palaniswami's Govt Has Absolute Majority: TN Assembly Speaker

Declaring the result of the confidence vote, won by the government with a 122-11 margin, Dhanapal also charged DMK with stalling the House proceedings

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Jharkhand Urban Development Minister C P Singh Rolls Out Red Carpet For Investors

Jharkhand Urban Development Minister Chandreshwar Prasad Singh has termed the Global Investors' Summit as historic as it was for the first time any government had organised such a medium to initiate development of the state

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Point Blank: What To Say?

In a few days time I have to speak to hundreds of DU students from different colleges at an auditorium. The topic is up to me but since I'm a advertising/branding/creative/digital person I'm presuming that they don't expect me to speak about 'Urban t...

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Is It Possible To Solve Delhi’s Traffic Problems

In order to handle the transportation needs of steadily increasing population, rapid transit systems like the Metro-rail and the Bus Rapid Transit, are both essential...

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Blindside: The Indian Ambassador To Nostalgia

We must keep in mind that it was an opportunistic product that was the child of a closed economy. Its origins had little to do with customer needs, product design, manufacturing standards, fuel efficiency or after- sales experience...

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The Post-Truth Budget

There are two arrows left in the finance minister’s quiver... the huge amount of black money deposited... (and) the goods and services tax ...

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Exploring Satellite Business In India

Hughes Network Systems proposes to invest $500 million in the country to develop high-throughput satellite along with ground infrastructure

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Some good encouraging monetary gain will once again enliven your spirits. You are to remain in a strong position on the financial front. You will feel much relaxed as you are in a position to comfortably heed to your families wishes. You will be a good mood to buy whatever your children ask for.


Very bleak chances of obtaining any monetary gains are forecasted for those born under this sign. As there will be no noticeable gain for you, take decision in matters related to finance after due deliberation. Seek advice from an expert. Have a strong will to cut short your expenses for the week.


As you have enough monetary resources it is time to think of a profitable investment. Planetary configuration here is indicative of supportive time for investing money in a productive way. Deliberate well enough and consult expert and draw out a plan to make investments. Also keep some money handy to deal with emergency.


Important planets seem perfectly aligned to facilitate opportunity for encouraging monetary gain. In turn, your position on the financial front gets further strengthened. This is smooth sailing for you. You will not have to exert to make some money. There is no harm in spending on your family.


Monetary gains will keep pouring in this week. You will have a vast monetary gain. You may wonder how to handle this large money. Your friends might ask you to invest in some avenues. However, planetary positions here do not seem encouraging for major financial involvement. Handle money matters carefully.


It will be once again a blissful week for you in money matters. Encouraging monetary gains from an investment made earlier, will enliven your spirits and give enough cause to cheer up. You will remain in a strong position on the financial front. This will tempt you to spend on luxuries.


You will remain in a quite sound position on the financial front. You will now have to raise monetary provisions for your family. You will be tempted to spend money buying luxuries and adding to your comforts. Here too you will have to set your priorities in order to spend judiciously.


Some minor monetary gains will help to bring some cheer and lift your spirit. No major monetary gain is envisaged here. Due to insufficient monetary resources you will not be able to spend on your comforts. Refrain from taking any hasty decision related to major financial involvement for now.


Frequent minor monetary gains that will come this week will keep you in high spirits. You will be in a comfortable position in money matters. You may be tempted to get carried away by the attractive schemes for investing. You need to take decisions related to finance after due deliberation only.


Lady luck is smiling and you are in for some sheer luck. Monetary gains are likely to keep pouring in here. In turn, your position on the financial front gets strengthened. You will now have enough resources to meet your personal needs. Refrain from taking decisions related to major financial involvement.


Be careful while dealing with money matters this week. You will not be able to spend on comforts of life as of now. There will be major monetary gains for you this week. Instead of spending too much, you must save enough money. Do not think of investing for the time being.


A fairly comfortable financial week. No major monetary gain is to be expected here. You will remain in a satisfied position on financial front. You should not expect anything major to strike. Be satisfied with the current money you have. Do not think of any investment for the time being.

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