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Indian Green Card Hopefuls Welcome Donald Trump Visa Review

Indian Green Card Hopefuls Welcome Donald Trump Visa Review

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The Ugly Side Of Big Data

It’s true that data has laid the foundation for most technology driven changes and that there are many positives to what data brings, but there are a number of negatives too. It is about time that chief marketing officers understood the larger impact their decisions can have, writes Noor Fathima Warsia

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What Makes It A Winner

Patanjali’s Acharya Balkrishna unravels the success formula of the home-grown brand

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Trump’s Left Turn

By bombing Syria, upbraiding Vladimir Putin’s client Bashar al-Assad and threatening Russia with sanctions, Donald Trump has taken the sting out of the Democrats’ campaign

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Why Everyone Needs Some Counseling

Finding a good counselor itself is a task. So look for some online, find someone with good references, and go for it...

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Trump’s Left Turn

By bombing Syria, upbraiding Vladimir Putin’s client Bashar al-Assad and threatening Russia with sanctions, Donald Trump has taken the sting out of the Democrats’ campaign...

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The Maya Of A CEO

Being a CEO, there’s no one to run to. A disruption in the market – it’s your problem. Resignations. Designations. Missed targets. Competition. Losses. Funding lines. Shareholder unhappiness. It’s all your problem...

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Pass Percentage In Life!

Don't take life 100 per cent seriously. You have 0 per cent chance of getting out of it alive...

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Bankruptcy Code Can Push GDP By 2%, Says M S Sahoo

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India Chairperson Dr. M. S. Sahoo, in an exclusive interview with BW Businessworld’s Suman K Jha, says that with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, the country has got a futuristic, robust and vibrant insolvency regime, and that it has the potential to push up GDP growth by about 2 per cent, apart from improving ease of doing business, developing corporate debt market, promoting entrepreneurship, and helping inclusive growth, in the days to come

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


As your planets are not very supportive in terms of finance this week, you must not expect any monetary gains. This calls for a halt in any sort of investments. Retrograde Saturn is posited in the 12th house. This indicates every possibility of a surge in your personal and consistent expenses.


As it will not be a very beneficial week for you, you have to be careful while handling matters related to finance. Keep the long term in view while undertaking any planning. Keep enough provision for unexpected expenditure. You should not worry much about the money as the influence of Jupiter will work well.


You will have a major financial crisis as three important planets are in retrogression. You will not stand to gain monetarily. You will have to have patience for your planets to come in position. Till then avoid over spending on unnecessary things. Continue to persevere in your efforts of earning.


Exalted Venus will bring with it some good news for you. You will stand to gain handsome monetary gains. You will be in a cheerful mood as your spending capacity increases. However, avoid extravagance. Save some money for the future. Take a decision in matters related to finance after due deliberation only.


Venus exchanges sign with Jupiter posited in Libra. This will spell good luck for you, as you will be provided with a golden chance to enhance your financial position for the week. You will be fairly comfortable as far as monetary gains are concerned. However, do not have high expectations.


This week, there are better chances of improving your financial conditions. Position of planets here supports you in your endeavor to make more money. However, with crafty Mercury turning retrograde you may not be all that lucky for big financial gains. Avoid any major investments as it may cause a crisis.


There will be a financial crunch due to which you may remain stressed and tensed. Don’t let this anxiety affect your mental balance. Monetary gains will not be satisfactory. Avoid spending too much. Manage the little finances with due care and diligence. No major investment is to be considered for now.


Exalted Venus will be in your favor and work well for you. You will find yourself in a better financial position compared to the previous week. If stars in your Natal chart are also indicative, then you will have a windfall. You will stand to earn a huge monetary gain.


Venus enters your sign as the week commences. This will herald with it the good news of improvement in your financial condition. There will be a considerable increase in the flow of money. Expenses related to family and domestic matters will increase in proportion to your monetary gains. You are advised to save.


You will not have any major issues in matters related to finance. There will sporadic monetary gains. This will be sufficient enough to enliven your spirits and keep you going through the week. No major monetary gain is likely to mount up here. Take decisions related to finance after due deliberation.


Mercury will be in retrogression this whole week. This will act as a hindrance in your way of obtaining any extra monetary gains. You will have to manage with the available resources to pull on for the week. Do not deal with any sort of investments for the time being.


The direct influence of Jupiter will work well in maintaining a healthy financial position for you this week. You stand a fat chance to benefit from handsome monetary gains. However, due to some unexpected religious function in the family, you may incur a lot of expenditure. You will save less money.

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