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Ola On Rs 2,000 Crore Loss Ride

The Bengaluru-based firm, which is locked in an intense battle for leadership with US-based Uber, has seen its losses widen about three times from Rs 796.11 crore in 2014-15, Ola said in a filing with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

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Real Estate Act Comes Into Effect Today, 13 States Notify Rules

Real Estate Act Comes Into Effect Today, 13 States Notify Rules

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Where Would Apple, IBM Be If Not For Talent From Across Globe, Says RBI Governor Urjit Patel

Cautioning against protectionism, RBI Governor Urjit Patel has said where would giant American corporations like Apple, Cisco and IBM be if they had not sourced the best products and talent from across the world.

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Risky Bet Of An Indian Fund House

After Piramal Healthcare sold its India formulation business to Abbott in 2010 for $3.7 billion, the group toyed with several ideas to re-deploy the money. But chairman Ajay Piramal was clear about the new business he wanted to get into. Financial services

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Review Of Moto G5 | Pure Android Nougat Serving With Hardware On Diet

The fingerprint sensor in G5 is good. This is one of the improvements of G5 over its predecessor G4

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VIP Culture -- Politicians, Bureaucrats And Their Hunger For Status Symbol

It may be highlighted that government land belonging to whichever government agency is public land, the priority for the development of which should be in the larger public interest, and not for the development of status symbols for politicians and b...

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Corruption Is Not Our Biggest Problem

The real killer in a gutsy, gifted nation like India is low standards. We revel in mediocrity at every twist and turn. If we believe we can get away with less we will. By and large...

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Why Everyone Needs Some Counseling

Finding a good counselor itself is a task. So look for some online, find someone with good references, and go for it...

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Trump’s Left Turn

By bombing Syria, upbraiding Vladimir Putin’s client Bashar al-Assad and threatening Russia with sanctions, Donald Trump has taken the sting out of the Democrats’ campaign...

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Be cautioned against making quick money through unethical means as it will turn risky. Do not compromise on the quality of your work to make it big. If you follow your inner conscience, devoid of any wrong means, you will be able to earn huge profits albeit with time.


You will be guided and inspired to make some calculative and prudent moves in order to increase your finances. This is due to dear Venus and Mercury posited in your sign. In spite of your efforts, you may not stand to win huge monetary gains. Avoid overspending on unwanted things.


There will be some unexpected domestic expenses to be incurred this week. However, thanks to your planetary positions, you will have enough monetary gains. Venus, moving through your sign is to work well in strengthening your position on the financial front. Save some money for the future by avoiding too much expenditure.


Mercury now positioned in the second house will stimulate you with intellectual ideas to take advantage of the available opportunity in order to benefit monetarily. Venus positioned in your sign will expedite opportunity to have monetary gains. This will enliven your spirits. You will be at ease in money matters.


Venus moving through your sign will be a great advantage as it will help in strengthening your position on the financial front. You will be able to think of making fresh investments. Plan carefully as proper planning will help to harvest rich dividends. There are chances of buying the latest SUV.


Mercury becomes direct in motion around midweek. This indicates that you are going to have major monetary gains. Do not be hasty in taking decisions in matters related to finance as mercury is still in the 12th house. Spend the money carefully, as being too extravagant can lead to crisis.


You will be quite comfortable this week in money matters. However, be judicious when it comes to spending the money. Execute due discrimination and not over indulge in shopping. You will remain in a healthy and sound financial position only as long as you are conscious of the money.


Mercury shifts into your sign here. This change will herald good news in matters related to finance. Your financial condition will be strong enough for you. You will be a good position to make some investments in a productive way. However, do this after consultation with some good expert.


Sun and Mars now posited in the second house does not portend good times for your financial health. You will not have substantial monetary gains this week. Refrain from taking decisions in matters related to finance driven by instinct. Avoid major financial involvement for now. Save money for the future.


There will some demands from your family. It will very necessary to satisfy these demands. Mercury posited in your sign will facilitate encouraging opportunities to benefit monetarily. Look out for these signs and make the most of it. However, see that you spend judiciously and save prudently for the future.


Mercury now becomes direct in motion. This makes your chances for having major monetary gain more credible. Monetary gains will be enhanced. You will remain in a strong position on the financial front. This will enliven your spirits. Make investments after consultation with an expert for higher returns. You can spend some money safely.


It will be a fortunate week for those born under this sign. Your planets are in the apt position and you will benefit monetarily. Good encouraging monetary gain seems to be in offing here. This will to further strengthen your position on the financial front. Avoid going in for any major investments for now.

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