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Urbanisation Can Mitigate Poverty, Says Modi At Smart City Launch

Urbanisation Can Mitigate Poverty, Says Modi At Smart City Launch

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‘We Are Creating A New Sub-category In Modular Home Solutions Market’

Alok Duggal, founder & COO,, talks about the modular home solutions market and the company’s expansion plans

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ISRO Creates Record, Successfully Launches 20 Satellites

The Indian Space Research Organisation on Wednesday set a new record of launching 20 satellites, including India's Cartosat-2 series and those the US, Germany, Canada and Indonesia

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Questions Over Vijay Mallya Presence At LSE Event Where Indian Envoy Was A Guest

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya was spotted at a book launch event at the London School of Economics this week that was attended by Indian High Commissioner Navtej Sarna, causing flutters back home.

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Nehru Place Needs To Be Completely Replanned And Upgraded

Nehru Place located on a site of 96 acres was one of the first district centres built in the mid seventies as per the Delhi Master Plan 1961. Located on the corner of the Outer Ring Road and Lala Lajpat Rai Marg across from Kalkaji, Nehru Place is ea...

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Time To Review FDI Rules

China’s policy of wooing foreign tech investors is more relevant to India from a long-term perspective...

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Raining Good News

A bigger priority should be to implement a range of tax and labour reforms. As figures released by the income-tax department have shown, far too many resources are expended on taxing assessees with taxable income below Rs 5 lakh...

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The BJP has given the most hardworking government we have seen post-independence. PM Modi believes in zero tolerance on corruption and his focus is on core social issues. His achievements can be clearly seen as 1 crore people have already surrendered their LPG subsidy, and people have benefited from Jan Dhan Yojana and Mudra Banking. Several schemes launched by the Modi government like Beti Bachao, Pension Plan and Insurance Scheme are working great for the common man. Make In India is drawing enormous investments from overseas and the ease of doing business is helping entrepreneurs. Modi's achievement and vision is phenomenal and it is important for the Congress to realize that the BJP is not reinventing strategy but reinventing policy.


Shaina NC BJP spokesperson


The Modi government has been a monumental disaster in all aspects in managing the aspirations of a young India. In particular, they have been found wanting on creating jobs. They promised 2 crore jobs per year but they have provided only 1.35 lakh jobs, which is less than one percent of what is needed. In the past two years, farmer suicides have risen, agricultural growth has been negative, food inflation is rising, exports are down 16 months in a row, stalled projects are growing and bank NPA are rising. It is a cocktail of utter collapse.

Sanjay Jha Congress spokesperson


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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Encouraging financial gains here are to work well in strengthening your financial position. You may need to increase monetary provisions for household and family needs. Children too are likely to become more demanding, and you may give in to some of their reasonable demands. Invest your surplus funds wisely.


Tension in matters related to finance is to start easing out. No major expense is to be incurred here. Jupiter has now come out of shadow of malefic Rahu. Jupiter is to facilitate good monetary gains for you. However, do not raise your aspiration too high. You can, though, take appropriate measures to curtail unnecessary expenses.


You are to benefit monetarily here with little efforts on your part. Put your savings, spare funds in a safe avenue. Refrain from indulging in speculation related activities. Wait for the right time to invest and then don not do it without consulting an investment consultant. Strictly avoid purchasing any luxurious items.


You are to handle money matters with a cool head in a balanced way here. You are to mark out your priorities and then spend money accordingly. However, you may not be able to save money satisfactorily. Ganesha advises you to totally cut out all unnecessary expenses, and more importantly not to borrow money from anyone.


Benefic Planets are powerful enough here to keep you in a healthy financial position. Period here does not seem supportive to invest money in a productive way. So Ganesha advises you to set aside some sum safely and wait patiently for the right time to invest. Children are likely to become very demanding, so handle them with tact.


Ruler of your Sign, Mercury shifts from own Sign Gemini into a watery cardinal sign Cancer, to join Venus and Sun already present therein. This is to work well in enhancing your financial prospects. Take all the ground realities into account prior to attempting for making huge gains. You may take very calculated risks.


Increase in earnings is to make you feel much happy. Pressure in matters related to finance is to start easing out now on. Mars becoming direct in movement is to act as relief for you. You can hope for better times in money matters now. In turn, there is likely to be great temptation to purchase some luxury items, but Ganesha advises you against it.


Planetary positions here are to work well about increasing your income. You are to now have good opportunities to make your position sound on financial front. You need to focus on saving money here. However, if you are thinking of investing, do consult an expert before investing your hard-earned money.


Owing to a rise in your personal expenses you may not have much left for savings here. Look for some safe avenue to earn more money. However, no major monetary gain this time around. Ganesha advises you to cut down totally on all unnecessary expenses, and wait patiently for better times as this is just a passing phase.


Planets capable of facilitating monetary gains are not well positioned to support you on this count. You have to satisfy yourself with your regular income. Things do not look encouraging on financial front for you here. Under the circumstances, Ganesha advises you to curtail your expenses to the bare minimum, as there is no other way out for now.


You are to feel happy on getting encouraging returns from investments made earlier. Also this is to keep you in high spirits. Time here does not seem favorable for making fresh investments. Park your spare funds in a safe avenue. Children are likely to get very demanding, and Ganesha says there is no harm in fulfilling some of their desires.


Mercury is to inspire you with some intelligent ideas to shore up your finances. However, refrain from indulging in speculation oriented activities. Remain focused about saving money for future needs. Children are likely to become a lot more demanding, but Ganesha advises you not to succumb to their demands and handle them tactfully.

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