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Centre, States Reach Consensus On GST; Rollout From July 1

The split of GST taxpayers between the two will be done horizontally with states getting to administer and control 90 per cent of the assessees below Rs 1.5 crore annual turnover, and the remaining 10 per cent coming under the Centre

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Demonetisation Impact: IMF Cuts India's Growth To 6.6 Per Cent

Demonetisation Impact: IMF Cuts India's Growth To 6.6 Per Cent

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Cash-heavy To Cash-light

If Finance Minister Arun Jaitley delivers another lacklustre Budget, the enormous political and economic risk Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to wrench India from a cash-heavy to a cash-light economy will be put in jeopardy

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Senior Journalist Shantanu Guha Ray's 'The Target' Launched

In this book, Shantanu meticulously probes the motives of those who shun Shah of the Exchange business and what it means for India's politico-business climate

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Decoding Team Trump

How good, Bad or neutral will a Trump presidency be for India? New Delhi’s main fear revolves around Trump’s intent to cut H-IB visas

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Connect With Family Over A Glass Of Wine

Drinking alcohol in our country has been a taboo. But a sundowner with your family is surely a healthy sign of drinking, especially when the sundowner is wine...

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Decoding Team Trump

How good, Bad or neutral will a Trump presidency be for India? New Delhi’s main fear revolves around Trump’s intent to cut H-IB visas...

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BW Digital: 17 Digi Ailments To Avoid

For brands to make the most of digital in 2017, here are a bunch of 17 digital afflictions to steer clear of...

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Control Of Traffic In Delhi An Issue Of Major Concern

Car users constitute a small minority of the total population, but occupy a major section of space in the city in the form of roads and parking areas...

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


It is time to take away the frown from your forehead. This is a favorable financial week for you. Planetary positions indicate that you will remain in a healthy financial position. It will be a smooth week as far as money is concerned. The stray monetary gains will lift your spirits.


You will have no worries about finances. You will have enough reasons to cheer up as money makes its way into your hands. This is all due to the encouraging returns from investments made earlier. Influence of Jupiter will work well in remaining in a healthy financial position.


The monetary gains will continue to make its presence felt even this week. Saving money must also to be your concern here. With increase in the inflow of money and no major expenses to incur, you will be able to save money satisfactorily. You will remain in a healthy financial position.


You may be tempted to relocate to another place in order to earn more money. However, the position of planets in your natal chart matters more. You will incur some unforeseen expenses unexpectedly. While planning finance, set your priorities and list out what is more necessary to spend on. Keep enough provision for contingency.


The influence of Saturn over the second house does not spell well for your financial health. It is good to plan your finances with long-term in view and keep enough funds for an emergency. Avoid splurging your money on unnecessary things. Stray monetary gain will keep you in high spirits.


Lady fortune will bring a smile and cheer you up. Around mid-week, you are expected to receive a good monetary gain. Well-positioned benefices will keep you in a strong position on the financial front. You ill tempted to undertake a journey with your family. You should also try to save some money.


As you have no discomforts in monetary resources, you should not hesitate to spend a little on you and your family. You will continue to remain in a comfortable position on the financial front. The extra money you make will tempt you to spend money buying luxuries and other comforts.


It is a satisfactory and pleasant financial week for you. You will not face any financial hitches this week. Planetary positions here seem supportive as well as favorable and assist you to have encouraging monetary gains. However, remain much careful in matters related to finance. Don’t overboard on your expenditure.


Mercury now slowly shifts into the second house. This shifting is merely to instill the necessary intelligence to enhance your financial prospects. You will be able to devise techniques to make more money. Jupiter will also facilitate opportunities for monetary gain. Save your money in safe avenues for the rainy day.


If you are cautious with money then it will be a smooth sail for you this week. You will receive a lot of monetary gains. Remain careful in matters related to finance and your gains. Jupiter is all set to work well in keeping you in a healthy financial position.


Be very careful in matters related to finance especially on Monday and Tuesday. Refrain from any kind of major financial involvement. This is a risk as you might face severe losses. Jupiter being well positioned, you will have no troubles and will enjoy strong financial positions.


A good week in money matters. You will remain in a healthy financial position here. There is no dearth of money for you. Good monetary gains will keep coming and your purse will not be empty. The flow of money will keep you in high spirits. However, don’t lend too much of money to others.

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