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Inflation Likely Cooled Further In Nov After Cash Clampdown: Poll

Inflation Likely Cooled Further In Nov After Cash Clampdown: Poll

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Bigger e-commerce marketplaces like Flipkart and Snapdeal are bleeding far more. In 2015-16, Flipkart recorded a loss or Rs 2,306 crore

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Pros And Cons Of Demonetisation For The Digital Economy

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'We Inspire Our Students To Become Job Creators'

Companies of today are looking for innovative researchers and educational institutions will have to be responsible for it, says Rajendra S Pawar, chairman of NIIT Group

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Venus, ruler of the second house, indicative of finances, is well positioned to see you in a strong financial position. This week, Ganesha says there is a good forecast for monetary gains for you. However, you need to respond quickly enough to materialize the opportunity in your favor.


You need to cheer up! There are reasons to smile. Planets here seem to be in favorable position to keep you in a healthy position financially. It will be a very comfortable week for you. Venus and Mercury together are to facilitate encouraging opportunity to benefit monetarily.


You will be in a sound financial position. With money to spare, you must look for other avenues to invest money. However, it is not a right time for fresh investments. Save spare money in a safe avenue. As an exception, you may invest in shares of companies that have a history of paying handsome dividend regularly for years.


You may be tempted to earn money by some unethical means, owing to undue pressure to boost your earnings. However, do not consider this as regular income. With Sun getting afflicted by wily Saturn, refrain from taking any major financial involvement for now. Park all your surplus funds in a safe avenue.


As this is a favorable week for your finance, there is a strong likelihood of getting encouraging opportunity to have handsome monetary gains. You have to be calm-headed and take things in the right direction. Doing so will help you to benefit from this opportunity. You will be comfortable with your finances.


Some encouraging monetary gains facilitated by benefices is on the cards. However, planetary positions here do not seem supportive for committing major financial investments. Ganesha says you must refrain from making any financial commitments. You are also advised to keep your savings in a safe avenue.


Planets are here to present a good encouraging opportunity for you to earn money. You will have strong monetary gains. These profits will further strengthen your financial position. There will be no major expenses for you to incur. In turn, you will be able to save money satisfactorily.


Planetary positions here seem detrimental to your financial health. It will be a difficult time for you as far as money related matters are concerned. In view of this handle matters related to finance very carefully. Do not make any major financial involvement for now.


Planetary positions here are indicative of good encouraging monetary gains for you. In turn, these gains are to further strengthen your position on the financial front. You will enjoy this week financially. There will be no major expenses to bear. You must save money satisfactorily.


Two sworn enemies Saturn and Sun moving through the 12th house can land you in some unexpected major expenses. Also Moon in conjunction with Mars in the second house, indicative of finance related matters does not spell well for your financial health. The presence of Venus now in the second house will help to ease the situation in money matters. Influence of Jupiter will work well to increase earnings and thereby give strength to your financial position.


Benevolent Venus and Mercury which are positioned in the 12th house will help you in meeting any kind of expenses. These expenses can be related to domestic matters. Still better financial gain is on the way, Ganesha advises you to watch out as you are likely to hit a jack pot.


Influence of contrasting nature of Mars and Venus will make you aware of the constraints which hold you from making it big. However, benefices will present enough opportunities to enliven your spirits. You will be tempted to spend money on enjoying pleasures of life.

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